5 Emerging Trends in IoT 2020 That You Want to Know

4 min read | By Admin | 06 February 2020 | Frameworks

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New year is actively running on developing our economy as well as updating the environment surrounding us. The shape that technology planned to unveil will be updated only after the year adds one to its number and no negative vibes; the year 2020 is doing good as far as it concern towards development.

Talking about IoT- there is a massive growth in the past few years and no more less in 2020.

Survey predicts that there will be about 20 billion connected devices by 2020 and the analytics say B2B spending on 2020 will reach $267 billion.

According to Gartner IoT 2020, enterprise and automotive IoT market will grow to 5.8 billion endpoints in 2020 which is a 21% increase from 2019.

With the positive prediction held high in everyone’s heart, let us move on to the emerging trends in IoT 2020.

More Connections to Happen

The future of IoT is about to see a smarter environment and devices which ultimately demands more connection to happen.While the picture paints a bright color to the scene, the escalation worth taking an extra challenge in cybersecurity.

New levels of availability, efficiency and smart devices makes IoT devices more vulnerable to every possible attack and it must be make sure the service providers keep tag on every vulnerability at IoT connection even at the possible entry point.

Report from SonicWall’s 2019 Cyber Threat found a 217.5% year to year increase in the number of IoT attacks. Just put a wall against cyber attacks and increase in IoT connectivity doesn’t matter.

Emergence on Smart Cities

The Internet of Things is not limited to distance, environment and devices, it has a wider range of applications in almost every field and one fabulous as well as welcoming advancement of IoT smart city.

In future, cities with bright light turning on and off automatically- directing the traffic non-stop will be one of the smart work of data collected from IoT making life comfortable and hassle free. Thanks to IoT once again.

When IoT connected devices are installed in public services, every citizen data collected will be used for,

  • Used in video surveillance systems
  • Taxi services
  • Personal Identity
  • In case of crime investigation or other issues
  • Visitor Kiosks

Overall, the IoT smart city can manage to handle the entire crowd information living in the city.

Software as a Service Becomes a Standardized Tech

While talking about the IoT app trends, Software as a service will be the best chosen topic to take for discussion. As a service model, it can host any desired application for its availability to customers over the internet.

Technology like SaaS can compete with the emerging trends in IoT to create a wonderful platform for any companies in promoting their business.

That’s why Stewart Butterfield, Co-Founder of Slack told every customer interaction is a marketing opportunity. If you go above and beyond the customer service side, people are much likely to recommend you.

With less investment SaaS can provide you a wonderful contribution to the field of technology. This IoT trend will soon design a better future for the people.

Leveraging IoT Technology

Compared to any advanced technologies, IoT has an equal barrier towards achieving the objectives. Some technologies have to undergo a rough time but sooner or later the situation will change in the coming year.

There are lots of matured business ready to harness the new ones for the past decade like low power cellular, Low-power WAN etc.,

Similarly there are a lot of IoT gateways and IoT devices ready to catch immediate attention from customers. Such things may be small but can add value to IoT.

Better Data Processing Solutions

The growth of emerging trends in IoT comes along with the enormous data which is needed to be processed and analyzed on a regular basis. Current data processing systems are less behind the race and hence companies should invest on better data processing solutions that are fast and cheap on investment.

Finally the topic ends with the help from Artificial Intelligence. With the help of IoT, devices can collect data about anyone’s behaviour and stored on the cloud. With the support of artificial intelligence , the device can make use of stored data to learn without any manual programming.


Travelling towards the bright future, emerging trends in IoT will continue to thrive in 2020 and therefore in future. There are many other trends when combined with IoT can be booming.

With fingers crossed, in this year we are likely to see more smarter cities and protected use of the devices. That’s all folks!

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