Will AI Driven Cyber Security Help Stop Malicious Attacks?

4 min read | By Admin | 23 October 2019 | Technology

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In this era of modern technology, cyber-attacks occur in many cases and are predominant than ever before. Artificial Intelligence in cyber security has been helping IT professionals to predict and block the cyber-attacks more effectively.

AI has shaken the cybersecurity industry with its astonishing safeguard measures, user privacy protection and response at a faster rate.

So how do you react when such wonderful technology AI falls in the wrong hands?

While hackers are giving the tough challenge by leveraging the artificial intelligence for network breach, companies are planning to give back the taste of their own medicine by handing over the cybersecurity keys to AI.

Cyber- Attacks

Malicious and an intentional attempt carried out by an individual or a company in order to breach the network security and gain access to user privacy is often referred to cyber-attacks.

“In other words, hackers perform cyber-attack to seek some benefit by disrupting the user’s network.”

Former Cisco CEO John Chambers once said,” There are two types of companies: 1. those that have been hacked 2. Those don’t even know they have been hacked.

According to Microsoft Global Cyber Risk Perception 2019 Survey,”79% of respondents ranked cyber risks as a top five concern of organization up from 62% in 2017”

AI Cyber Attacks

According to Andre Pienaar,” The edge in cyber defence is speed. AI is transforming cyber defence, allowing business to detect evermore complex threats from ever more sophisticated attackers”.

On the other side, the true fact is that whenever an effective AI security solution is introduced, it becomes the next concrete reason for cybercriminals to expedite their polymorphic malware.

It becomes vital for all those professionals to design the best and complicated AI cybersecurity model for it ensures difficulty in detecting the intelligent code from the network.

Finally, why do hackers show much interest in getting third party/person private information?

Using such wonderful technology like AI, less effort can bring great rewards.

Cyber Threats

Cyber Threats are broadly categorized into two: Cyber Terrorism and Cyber warfare

Cyber Terrorism

Cyber Attack on WannaCry and NotPetya can be the best example. Companies and Organization of more than 150 countries rolled on losses over USD 300 million resulted in financial throwback, reputational damage, customer data corruption and severe complex business interruption.

These kinds of attacks known to be cyber terrorism will continue to exist when their hands get on modern technology and potential chances.

Cyber Warfare

Cyber Warfare takes place among competing nations using information technology to penetrate their networks causing disruptions. Cyber Warfare is considered to the fifth element of war domain carried by experienced professionals who can dare to penetrate over authorized computer networks dealing with public services or business /healthcare services.

What is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity has become the most important and a hot topic buzz world in technology world. Now cybersecurity focus on safeguarding the networks and digital information in association with artificial intelligence.

In simple term, cybersecurity involves programming and coding the software that helps in securing valuable data, private information and programs from being breached or illegally accessed.

Importance of Cybersecurity

The foremost functionality of cybersecurity is protecting personal and sensitive data, systems and networks from malware threats. Different types of threats aim at different levels of attacks depending on the purpose they are designed.

As if we are familiar with recent attacks hackers have evolved with new sophisticated and automated complex attacks and it has been an unsettling challenge to all those software professional to pin down the origin of the attack.

All these points prove the importance and need of advanced cybersecurity software and continual model update can overcome these hypothetical attacks.

How a Cyber Security Model Should Be?

To tackle these emerging AI security threats, entities need to modify their security strategies and not only include AI and its innovations. Keep an apple eye on prioritizing protection for corporate data from exploitation as it contains information on source of money.

By Dan Panesar vice president at Certes Networks saying,”Organisations should use data-centric security models underpinned by information assurance to protect data, as well as continue all the innovations surrounding AI, while continuing to adopt prevent, detect and response strategy.”

Positively, for an IT leader, cybersecurity should be the first and foremost to be kept in mind and note that the consequences from cyber-attack can keep a person awake without nap time.

AI in Cybersecurity

AI in Cybersecurity is just the beginning of the race. Still the complete features of artificial intelligence remains unfold to the universe. Machine learning as a bilateral combination with AI can be trained to detect and observe the patterns continually and notify if there is any deviation in observation.

The collected data can be further used to improve its function and derive new preventive strategies before the next attack.

Today a definite number of government, automated business process and corporations are using AI infused systems as it can analyze the structured data and unstructured data like words, phrases or statistical patterns with substantial speed. This saves time and good sum of money for the organizations.

Well on the other hand hackers are looking for the loophole or weak notches in coding that remain unnoticeable to our knowledge. Before predicting the breaches hackers are long gone with sensitive information.

This is not the case when AI is in field work as it continuously collects the detailed report of the behavioral analysis and so far fixes all the loopholes in the network.

Thus Modern innovations like artificial intelligence and machine learning are proving to be the best intellectual technology in present stage and a superior option to knock down all cyber threat wars.

What do the Experts Say?

Finally at the foot of the blog here is what experts say about the involvement of artificial intelligence in the cyber security.

According to Daniel Kwong, senior vice president at CITIC Telecom CPC, “Humans are consistently outpaced by increasing automated threats; organisations increasingly recognize that traditional defences focused on past threats only provide the most essential.”

Also, Nicole Eagan, Chief Executive at Darktrace said that in the age of AI where cyber-attacks are automated rather than exalting a firewall or other possible cyber protection mechanism, now companies have to upgrade to build a dynamic immune system for their networks.

She also added AI-powdered security engine has a margin of monitoring network traffic in real time. ”It’s very much like our human immune system which stops attacks before any damage takes place.”


The attackers are keen on exploiting the advantages of AI for their unique purpose and by involving in such activities they are asserting authority over AI. As advancement is on peak, hackers are constantly gaining the learning skill of AI to an effective and powerful weapon for their will.

One certain thing is AI can help IT professionals in designing strategies for safeguarding cyber-attacks and after all these you read through this blog, you might understand how important is to implement cyber security application in your systems. That’s all folks. Have a nice day!

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