7 Tips To Drive Traffic To Your Website

4 min read | By Admin | 09 May 2016 |

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We all know that it is very easy to grab the information that we want from famous search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. Once after reading the content we just walk away just like that. Although we get the relevant information that we want, what about the time spent by the admin of the blog from which we got reliable information. Have you ever wondered why those people are so keen in providing useful and lengthy contents to their users?

The question which stated above does have a valid answer. It is nothing but the term called “Blogging”. Those who are willing to earn through online use this tactic by running adverts in their website citing worth able and valid content for their users. Previously, in the time where bloggers doesn’t have the complete knowledge of blogging, everyone used to put content length of their choice to the visitors. But the scenario has changed a lot seamlessly for any niche. Good quality content with certain methodology can definitely increase your blogging efforts. And these below techniques should be among your blogging arsenal.

Start with an Anecdote:

Influencers advice their followers to start their every blogging content with that a short real story. If a visitor start reading the post with a tale, it will psychologically make him to stick with rest of the content in the post.

Pick a noticeable title:

We all know that first impression is the best impression, in such manner an attractive and controversial topic is going to be the one that make the heads of your visitors towards your post. So while choosing the title you must keep three things in mind;

  • Passion – Mostly try writing about you are passionate in
  • Knowledge – Gather the things that you know about your niche
  • Demand – Tell in your content what are all the demand in your area of interest

Increase visual content:

In this fast paced world everyone don’t have time to read the entire content. Say for example if you are giving some solution in your niche, and if the content goes for around 600 words the visitor will really lose the patience and that will result in bounce rate too. Rather if you give the solution in a visual methodology such as Infographic or video this will gradually increase the user engagement.

Speed the loading time:

Not only search engines, even your potential visitors will give importance to the site that loads instantly. So it has become a basic ranking factor in Search Engine’s Results Page (SERP) to increase the blog’s loading time. If you find any issue with site’s loading time, try rectifying it as soon as possible.

Sharing is Caring:

It is the duty of every blogger to make their visitors understand the power of sharing contents across their social network. This is possible only if there are sharing buttons available for different social media.

Listen to your visitors:

Letting your visitors comment on your piece of content will help you understand the aspects in which they have understood your content. Sometimes you can also allow your visitors to link back their websites, this intern gives you quality inbound links to your website.

Turn visitors into leads:

This is quite easy then it sounds. A typical landing page can convert a potential visitor into a lead by listing some call to action; subscribe buttons at fairly notable places. This will let you be in touch with your visitors through E-mail marketing with the E-mail provided by them. The factors listed above are the prominent and there are other ethical manners to increase ranking factors for your blog.

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