5 Ways iOT Can Influence Your Future Home

4 min read | By Admin | 22 November 2017 | Marketing

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Gone are the days, people used to communicate each other for taking or terminating tasks. And now it is time for machines and mediums to take valuable actions that will be beneficial for human kind.

It is undeniable fact that we have already entered a smart world in which devices used to interpret each other. Though not all devices are connected, lot more are yet to join this conviction.

What is iOT

iOT or Internet of Things is a concept in which group of devices like vehicles, home appliances connects with other embedded items that has inbuilt software, actuators, sensors etc. through internet connectivity. Thus making exchange of data easier between these devices.

Now the question is how this contemporary technology could have impact over your day to day lifecycle. Without any delay let’s dig into it.

Wearable Techs:

After all debates wearable techs is in practices from long time back, interestingly devices introduced in earlier times have reached their second and third generations.

Being one of the best companion of fitness freaks these devices can measure the valuable body metrics that keeps you active entire day. As an advancement it can share your daily fitness goals on your social feeds along with the places that you went and physical action you took there.

Your Daily Commute:

The way you commute to work will be awesome like never before. If you are a kind of person who sets alarm every day to get ready to work, these alarm devices will get much smarter than you by identifying traffic, uninformed diversions or accidents in your usual route. Based on these information alarm would wake you up and of course if you have your coffee machine coupled with alarm you will not miss your morning coffee on your way to work.

Grocery Check List:

It’s time to forget your dread second trip to grocery store to get those items you forgot. Smart homes will soon remain your usual grocery stores to update items that you are running low in your kitchen. Thus a check list will be created by system at your grocery shop, this lets you pack all your items in your first visit itself.

Health Monitoring:

One of the major concern that bothers you all of a sudden is your health issue. Just imagine how it will feel like if you have a dedicated health analyser with you all time in a day. With the power of iOT this will be possible, that let you push to a regular health check-up periodically.

Vehicle Maintenance:

Did your car ever speak to you for its next oil change? This might sound crazy but the fact is your car will take care of itself subsequently. Even if you forget its next oil change date, it will automatically sends a notification to the service desk and would just ask for a date that you available to drive. All these operations will be accomplished with just few clicks.

The convenience of iOT is not just limited with all above said features, but with lot more to more which are typically in pipeline. There are enterprises started gaining advantage of iOT with an increased ROI. When yours is going to take part in the race.

Though it is late it is not too late, getting your business into iOT is hassle free with experts like Colan Infotech. Join our team of experts to serve your customers much better.

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