5 Signs That Insists New Website For Your Business In 2019

4 min read | By Admin | 19 January 2018 | Technology

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It’s an undeniable fact that websites are your online face to customers and stack holders. Every business in an imperative situation to satisfy its visitors with accurate & detailed content in its website. To let your investors/visitors know that you are up to date in your niche, it is required to do frequent website rework. This is where most business fail to notice upcoming problem that these changes would left behind. Common update work involves adding content, media files, changing UI/UX and sometimes A/B testing pages that are unavoidable. If you have retouched these parts in past year, your website should be a prey to these pitfalls. Habitual issues that tells you definitely need a new website are as follows,

Increased Page Load Time

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Search engines these days doesn’t care about worthy contents you have for your visitors if your website fail to pass their page speed test. It is a fact that your website’s load speed shouldn’t be more than 2 seconds which makes you lose traffic. This is why many websites gets out of the search engine ranking race even after making them searching friendly. Search engines are sure in serving its users with authentic and comfortable web pages in their search results page for the benefit of its users. So whenever you update your page all you need to do is to have user centric content that satisfies search engines too. For this sake you can make use of open source tool hosted by Google to check your web page speed. Here you will be given list of optimization techniques that leverage your page speed.

Decreased Conversion Rates:

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If you have an impotent website that fails to satisfy your visitors there is no point in indulging it in your marketing activities. These sort of alarms tells you that your website definitely need a rework. Below marketing cons tell any website that need a redesign,

  • Decrease in number of inbound leads
  • Drop in conversion rate
  • CTR will be very low
  • Drop in monthly traffic

Lack of Responsiveness:

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Since long time back search engines intimating webmasters that users started utilizing the power for smart devices. This says the importance of having a responsive website for your business. If you still thinking of why redesign your website, it means that you are losing your customers to competitors. Now-a-days creating responsive website is not a big deal, many predefined themes available with in-built responsiveness in online market. If you want to serve your visitors even better try to have separate version for cross devices.

Messed Up SEO:

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the only way that let your visitors interact with your website. In order to make a webpage search engine friendly many factors need to be met. Apart from content optimization there are set of design aspects that decides your ranking in search engine results page. By the time you make over and over design changes to specific webpage, the search friendliness of the page will be degrading gradually. Eventually the page will be shown at way behind search results. At this you certainly have to redesign your website.

Drop in Online Visitors Count:

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“Do I really need a new website for my business?” If you still wondering this way, immediately check your visitor count past three months. If you see a drop in it, you certainly need a new website. For a business to shine continuously online, it’s website should be good enough in convincing it’s visitors with enough content and compelling UI & UX.

Since 80% of business decisions are taken online, it is really mandatory to have a captivating website across all your marketing channels.


Updating your competencies is essential, so do your website information as your business grows up. By the time you choose to make changes, ensure you don’t deviate from your end goal that to whom your website made for.

Even at the time of migrating do keep in mind the necessary pre and post website activities to be done that didn’t degrade your website’s functionality both in user and search engine perspective.

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