10 Latest Covid Tech Trends : Get Ready For Post Pandemic

4 min read | By Admin | 16 June 2020 | Technology

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Technologies have been implied as a manner to ease human difficulties. The present COVID-19 pandemic has impacts not just on our economy, but also on our daily lives. During this pandemic, technologies are contributing a predominant role in holding our society operative in the time of lockdowns and quarantines. And there are some technologies which are becoming the latest Covid tech trends and lessening the spread of coronavirus and aiding for businesses to stay open. These technologies might have a long-lasting impact beyond COVID-19 pandemic.

Listed below are the latest Covid-19 tech trends that help to build a resilient society and improvalize your business while in this circumstance.

1. Digital and Contactless Payments

A contagious disease which spreads by touching and getting in contact from an infected person can be spread due to cash and by hand exchanges transactions.

Nowadays, contactless digital payments, cards or e-wallets, are the prescribed payment procedure to evade the spread of coronavirus. Digital payments methods facilitate people to make online purchases and payments, utility payments and to receive some funds quickly.

2. Online Shopping and Robot Deliveries

latest Covid tech trends

COVID-19 has transmuted online shopping as obligatory around the world. Online shopping has been supported by a robust logistics system. Going live delivery is not antivirus. So numerous delivery companies in the US and China are establishing contactless delivery services and robot deliveries.

Chinese e-commerce corporations are also increasing their development of robot deliveries. Robots can render food and goods without any human contact.

3. Distance Learning

latest Covid tech trends

In mid-April, various countries have declared that they are executing school and university closures and have begun the learning process online.

There are numerous educational organisations providing online learning material to their students which have not affected the working procedure in quarantine. The technologies included in this distance learning method are virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D printing and artificial-intelligence-enabled robot teachers. The distance learning will be more in this dire straits and also the working process will increase.

4. Remote Work

latest Covid tech trends

Now everyone is in lockdown in their homes but office work is a component of daily life. So companies ask employees to work from home.

Remote work is activated by technologies including voice over internet protocols (VoIPs), virtual private networks (VPNs), cloud technology, work collaboration tools, virtual meetings.

These technologies allow a person to emerge before a virtual background to ensure the privacy of the home. Additionally to stop getting contact with the viruses, it also saves travel time and provides adaptability.

5. Online Entertainment

Being at home for a long time has reduced human creativity and their entertainment trends and it brought everything online. Due to the lockdown, everyone is making themselves entertained by watching films and other stuff online.

Cloud raves and online streaming attained traction around the global and online gaming has surged since the outbreak.

6. Telehealth

latest Covid tech trends

Telehealth is an efficient way to contain the spread of COVID-19 and it’s also providing necessary foremost care. Wearable personal IoT devices track critical signs. Chatbots create early diagnoses based on symptoms discovered by patients.

Telehealth gave medical service and the way doctors are serving patients in relieving them from this threat.

7. 3D Printing

3D printing technology has taken possession of the ample market and has been becoming the major sources of working in this quarantine. It’s exploited to curtail shocks to the supply chain and export bans on personal defense equipment.

3D printing furnishes flexibility in production; the similar printer can generate various products based on different designs and materials it makes speedy without needing a protracted process.

8. Supply Chain 4.0

COVID-19 has caused disturbances in the global supply chain. With distancing and quarantine, few industrials are absolutely shut down. While the need for food and preservative equipment, a few nations have executed various levels of export bans on those things.

High reliability on paper-based records, shortage of visibility on data, multifariousness and flexibility have made the existing supply chain system susceptible to any pandemic.

9. 5G and Information and Communications Technology

Entire aforesaid technology trends depend on a steady, exponentially and low-cost internet. 5G has established its significance in remote monitoring.

COVID-19 has sustained the prominence of digital readiness, which permits business and life to continue as usual as possible during the pandemics. It will become post pandemic trends in technology and building the essential infrastructure will be necessary for any business to appear competitive in a post-COVID-19 world.

10. Robotics and Drones

COVID-19 offered a strong motivation to roll out the utilize of robots and it makes the world comprehend how massive we depend on human interactions to get things done.

Robots have been utilized in disinfect areas and to render food to those in quarantine. Drones have walked dogs and delivered items. There are some reports that indicate numerous manufacturing jobs will be supplanted by robots in the future. But also new jobs will be developed in the process.

Final Thought

COVID-19 has signified the impact and also reveals the prominence of digital readiness and it allowed various corporations to keep proceeding as usual and which will not impact the business conquest.

Above listed things are new trends in technology after Covid-19. The latest Covid tech trends made effectual in the larger workforce organizations and countries for a human-centred solution.

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