Video Editing Services

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Video Editing Services

First impressions is vital for gaining end user attention in any business, this can be achieved with most compelling video footage. Anyone can shoot a video, but only professionals like Colan Infotech can help to make your video do the talking.

Video Editing Services
Video Editing Services

Why Video Editing?

Shooting a video is not a big deal, enhancing the look & feel of a video does matter the most. But this can’t be done by any other Video editing company out there except our video editing experts in India.
Our typical video editing service help you with,

  • Removing unwanted footage
  • Choosing the right footage
  • Creating a flow
  • Adding suitable BGM
  • Adding visual effects

By above method our creative team manipulate and rearrange the video shots to create a contemporary work.

Video Editing Services

Video Editing Services:

In recent years social media are being used as reliable marketing source by almost all business, in which video content are playing vital role. Having such marketing weapon is not easy to achieve, for that you need skilled & professional video editing company like Colan Infotech.
With extensive experience in video editing our creative team offer tailor made digital video editing services online to number of domestic and global clients. Outsourcing your video editing works to professional video editing agency like Colan Infotech means partnering with someone who distinctly understands client needs and deliver nothing but quality output.
The range of quality yet cheap video editing services that we offer includes;

  • Corporate video editing
  • Real estate drone video
  • MP4 video editing
  • Video compositing
  • YouTube video editing
  • Explainer video editing
  • Client Testimonial Video editing
  • Event video hd editing services
  • Educational video editing
  • Motion graphic video editing
Video Editing Services

Our Video Editing Workflow:

The core strength of our creative team lies in below steps,

  • Logging: This is the first level in which the editor have a glance at the footage for the very first time. Each log is organized as a folder for better and hassle free access for future works.
  • Initial Assembly: Here the organized folders are reassembled into blocks. As there might be more than one version for footages, it is grouped for fast access.
  • Rough Cut: Draft and other transitions of the video or film will be created at this stage of work. Here the editor also defines the actual flow of the video, the same will be shared with client to intimate the path where the editing work is heading to.
  • Fine Cut: This phase is the next version of footage after taking into account of all the modifications, instructions/feedback shared by everyone.
  • Final Cut: As soon as the fine cut is done, the final footage is sent to sound department for sound and audio mix.
Video Editing Services

Contact Us for Video Editing:

Unlike other media contents such as texts & images, video plays an important role in convincing your targeting audience. So such sensational video can be framed only by professionals like Colan Infotech.
Don’t postpone your business goals anymore, outsource video editing services online to Colan Infotech and increase your customer engagement. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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