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Moved by the digitally embedded tech world, the influence of cutting-edge technology is far colossal these days. It confers an emphasis on upscale and enhances the business prospects. But, In a competitive world of software development – there is just a single thing that truly matters. “The quality of the final product”. Design and notion can’t vindicate structural flaws that could’ve been easily avoided.

Fortunately there is an approach to ensure that everything will be alright and the illustrious thing is Quality Assurance. This bolsters consumer trust and confidence and enables the business to contend with others in a similar marketplace.

Colan Infotech enables as a software testing services company, gives a resilient and all inclusive reaching software Quality Assurance and Testing services hone that distinguishes the accuracy, culmination, and quality level of programming products.

Humongous QA and Software Testing Services

Colan Infotech helps associations to upgrade profitability by quickening time to showcase and discharging software products that meet client desires regarding quality and offer a comprehensive set of software testing services.

  • Website Testing

    Our web testing utilizes numerous browsers and operating systems across popular computers and devices. This permits us to survey the compatibility, performance, usability, and accessibility of a website for the ideal user experience.

  • Automation Testing

    We have an expertised automation team to furnish Swift, precise, reduced delivery time and productive results.

  • Localization Testing

    We substantiate products for global use through localization testing and validate consistency and accuracy.

  • Performance Testing

    We render performance testing for software, applications, websites and decide the responsiveness, reliability, and adaptability of systems.

  • Compatibility Testing

    Our reports will furnish you with all tested configurations and subtleties of all the bugs and incompatibilities discovered.

  • Usability Testing

    Our usability testing will distinguish the areas that give users the most issues and propose changes to improve user execution.

Gain a competitive advantage by launching business-ready software quickly with our rapid development Agile QA testing services.

Sublime Software Testing Mode Operand

Requisite Analysis

Colan Infotech offers autonomous software quality assurance and testing services across multiple domains. Our software testing services company aids enterprises to address software quality issues and improve application performance.

Experiment Analysis and Designing

Our software testing company provides improved reliability, enhanced product performance, and accelerated progress towards goals. We aim at delivering reliable and precise solutions for your research needs.

Maintenance & Support

Our software testing services aids ongoing support, maintenance and monitoring to address software quality issues & enhance application performance.

Privilege of Colan Infotech Agile Services

Drive productivity and efficiency throughout the SDLC by working with specialist Agile consultants. Our consultants are highly motivated experts in 6 sigma, coaching and automation. With efficiency as the primary goal, you will be able to deliver excellent software faster and thus reduce the cost to your business.

Ensure successful internal deployments by partnering with our software testing company. Our agile consultants possess a track record of successful transformation projects and exhibit a commitment to technical excellence. Trust us to help you deliver software that works flawlessly.


Our quality assurance and Testing services cover many types of testing – from system testing to integration, end-to-end testing, regression testing and user acceptance testing.

  • Test Case Specification

  • Test Execution and Reporting

  • Early detection of issues during development

Need to Hire a Quality Tester?

Enlighten Software Quality with dependable software testing services company. Get in touch and contact us for more details.

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