Data Science Consulting Services

Data Science services is the key to learning advanced business insights. Leverage the power of AI, machine learning, and deep learning technologies that turn data into added value with our data scientists.

Why Businesses Need Data Science Consulting?

  • Gain a competitive edge

  • Discover market trends & user patterns

  • Users Stay Longer On Your Site

  • Analyze business data with precision

  • Make smarter, faster decisions

The Best Data Science Consulting Services for Accurate Business Insights

As a leading data science company, we are committed to collecting and converting datasets and patterns to data you can act upon. Our data science consulting services include data mining and help your organization with predictive analysis.

Data and bi consulting has become a mandate in today’s competitive landscape to stay ahead of the game. Our big data analytics and pipelines help unravel market data and trends to make improved business decisions.

  • Data Analytics Consulting

  • Big Data Consulting & Business Analytics

  • BI Consulting

  • Predictive Modeling

Data Science Consulting Services

Data Science Services We Offer

With deep skills in AI & ML-powered data mining and analysis, we are sought-after as one of the best data science companies offering a wide sea of services. We turn both structured and unstructured data into absorbable predictions that businesses can make use of across scenarios.

Data Collection

We acquire high-quality decisive data from various sources and platforms through web scraping, APIs, surveys, and sensor data. This vast collection of data forms the basis of enhanced decision-making in your business.

Data Mining

Our data scientists go beyond basic analysis. Advanced data engineering tools are employed to uncover hidden patterns and relationships within your data that help identify customer behavior, market trends, anomalies, etc.

Data Preparation & Visualization

We transform raw data into meaningful data via various visualization techniques. This data processing effectively communicates business insights via interactive dashboards and data storytelling.

Big Data Analytics (AI & ML)

Our big data analytics services cover leveraging advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to automate data analysis and generate deeper insights. This is most significant for businesses to make the right decisions with derived analytical patterns.

Predictive Model

Create an accurate predictive model using ML to forecast future trends or outcomes. By deep-diving into your data, our data scientists develop models that derive predictions that give precise forecasts regarding any aspect of your business.

Data Science Consulting

Businesses across industries have started hiring data scientists to turn data into valuable information. Colan Infotech is one of the leading data science consulting firms that help organizations adopt data mining and analytical strategies.

Forecast Trends. Make Better Predictions with Advanced Data Science Consulting Services.

Data Science Methods & Technologies We Implement

Our expertise in technologies like AI, ML, BI,and more lay the foundation for performance-driven data science consulting services.

  • Machine Learning

    We utilize advanced machine learning algorithms to uncover hidden patterns, predict future outcomes, and automate tasks. Using ML helps businesses in predictive analysis, categorizing data points into relevant groups for targeted campaigns, and suggesting products, services, and personalized information to website/ app users

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Our in-depth mastery in AI & ML has steered us forward as one of the top data science companies in India. Offering 50+ AI solutions to businesses across niches, we implement the power of AI tools and technologies in data science for data cleaning, normalization, feature discovery and handling complex data types like images, text, and audio.

  • Business Intelligence

    BI consulting services at Colan Infotech powers businesses with informed decision-making through a streamlined process of data collection, transformation, analysis and reporting. Your business data is magnified to identify significant details that will help you make game-changing decisions.

Data Science Technologies
  • Deep Learning

    Deep learning is a subfield of AI and some of its applications in data science consulting includes image recognition, natural language processing (NLP), and anomaly detection. With neural networks and deep learning, we enhance our data science services by extracting valuable insights from images, text, and audio.

  • Image Analysis Services

    Image recognition, classification, and analysis is highly significant across industries like healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing, and more. To leverage the power of image analysis in your business, consider our data consulting services or hire our data scientists to create custom image analysis services, facial recognition, or identify patterns in video footage.

  • Data Warehousing

    Enterprise-wise data is stored, segmented, and analyzed with our secure and scalable data warehousing solutions. By combining these powerful data warehousing methods, we create customized solutions that unlock valuable insights from your data that proves vital for organizational growth and results.

Our ML Development Technology Stack

Programming Languages

  • scalas
  • python
  • c#
  • rprogramminglang


  • mahouts
  • caffe
  • MXNet
  • tensorboard
  • opencv


  • sparkmlib
  • amazonmachinelearning
  • azure
  • Keras
  • spacy
  • Scikit-learn

Expert Data Science Consulting Services Across Use Cases

Predictive Modeling

Harness the power of historical data to forecast future trends and make strategic business decisions for accelerating growth.

Data-driven Engines

Our data-driven engines assisted by big data business analytics offer personalized recommendations to your users.

Sentiment & Behavior Analysis

Data science plays a key role in identifying customer sentiments and behavior based on user data from various channels.

Time Series Data Prediction

We analyze trends over time to predict future events, be it forecast market demand or fluctuations to stay ahead of your business competitors.

Anomaly Detection

Identify unusual patterns, fraudulent activities and security breaches to make sure there are no flaws in the business flow.

Autonomous Systems

Develop intelligent systems that make data-driven decisions and operate independently with our data science and data analytics consulting services.

Why Choose Us for Data Science Consulting Services

Data is the key to today’s business success and we at Colan Infotech understand it skillfully. Our data science consulting services are curated in such a way that deep dives into data from various sources, platforms, and channels into valuable information through mechanisms.


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Data science consulting services help businesses analyze data to gain insights and make informed decisions. They use advanced analytics, machine learning, and data visualization techniques to highlight critical data patterns and trends in your data.

Data analytics consulting helps find trends, make operations better, and improve decisions. These insights help businesses grow and work more efficiently by giving a clear picture of business performance and customer behavior.

Look for experience, expertise, and a proven track record in data science consulting. Check for positive client reviews and ask for case studies demonstrating their impact on similar businesses or industries.

Data analytics consulting firms help businesses use their data to make smart decisions. They offer services like creating data plans, predicting future trends, and making data easy to understand through visuals. This helps businesses stay ahead of the competition.

Yes, Small businesses can benefit from data science consulting by gaining insights that drive growth and reduce costs. This helps them stay competitive in their market. Plus, these services can be adjusted to match the budget and size of smaller businesses.

Data science consulting focuses on creating models and algorithms to solve complex problems, while data analytics consulting emphasizes interpreting data to inform decisions. Both are crucial for business success but serve different purposes.

Project duration varies based on complexity and goals. Most data science consulting projects typically last from a few weeks to several months. The duration depends on the depth of analysis needed and the scale of implementation required for the project.

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