A better solution to blockchain technologies in different industries.Hyperledger is designed for the advancement of blockchain technology in diversified business like banking, IoT and other technology related services.

Hyperledger, an open source framework that make use of smart contract apps and companies aims at Hyperledger framework for improving accuracy and productivity using blockchain with advanced cross-industry collaboration.

The only purpose of deploying hyperledger is to support open protocols over industries and plays intermediary role between digital communities.

blockchain frameworks

Hyperledger hosted blockchain frameworks our experts good at are,

  • Hyperledger Burrow

    A permission-able smart contract machine used from Ethereum Virtual Machine(EVM).

  • Hyperledger Fabric

    A blockchain framework used as foundation to develop other blockchain applications.

  • Hyperledger Sawtooth

    lockchain platform framed to deploy and run flexible and scalable distributed ledger.

  • Hyperledger Indy

    Used to create digital identities that are decentralized.


Hyperledger’s Features

Colan Infotech gives life to your fealess ideas with our foremost software development practices colloborating distributed ledger technology. Our savant team can deliver eccentric solution and achieve your purposeful goals.

High Accuracy:

We provide highly accurate records that enable real-time tracking of transactions, reducing errors and ensuring compliance.

Open-source security:

Our Hyperledger development services provide customized security protocols that guarantee the safety of sensitive data and assets.

Trustworthy Business Model:

We enable trustworthy business models that enhance transparency, accountability, and trust between different parties.

Hyperledger Fabric Development

Hyperledger, a blended open source utilized in advancement of cross-industry blockchain technologies. This incredible framework is hosted with help of Linux foundation which is used for universal collaboration of verticals such as IoT, Supply Chain, Finance & Banking, Manufacturing and much more.

Colan Infotech, one among early adopters in this incredible framework can create simplest and effective decentralized blockchain applications. Hyperledger assist and incubate vast regions of business that are utilizing blockchain technology aggressively.

To name a few technology that revolutionize business operations are smart contract engines, graphical/visual interfaces, illustrative applications etc. Components like membership and consensus are permitted by Hyperledger fabric with a purpose of designing a base for enhancing solutions & applications.

blockchian solutions

Colan Infotech being a veteran in yielding right blockchian solutions have immeasurable
literacy in hyperledger tools like,

  • Hyperledger Cello

    A distributed ledger for reducing commanding, designing, and terminating blockchain efforts with a goal to escort distribution models.

  • Hyperledger Composer

    This tool lets you create smart contracts & apps in no time eradicating various business problems that arise within blockchain network.

  • Hyperledger Explorer

    An open source browser which is easy yet effecient and extremely conservative in terms of seeing activity within a blockchain network.

blockchian applications

Colan Infotech, with reputation in building varied blockchian applications now have expertise in trusted blockchain frameworks such as,

Hyperledger Burrow

First of its kind, official and well recognized smart contract machine capable to offer modular blockahin interpreter associated with Ethereum Virtual Machine as major feature.

Hyperledger Indy

Experts rely on this framework to make digital identities decentralized, since it provides reusable objects for recreating identities that are executed on blockchain or any other distributed ledgers.


Our Hyperledger development services offer various benefits
for all businesses, including:

  • • Increased trust and transparency
  • • Enhanced security
  • • Improved efficiency
  • • Customized solutions
  • • Enhanced security
  • • Cost-effectiveness


Unlock the potential of blockchain with our Hyperledger development experts. Contact us now to get ahead of the curve.

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