Polymer JS Development

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Polymer JS Development

A finite number of tools are required to build one modern web applications as the complexity in designing these applications began to increase so do the tooling and service. Google has created a solution for developers to access the rich functionalities of web components through a set of polyfills in Polymer library.

Polymer is an open source JavaScript framework for developing the complex web application using web components.

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Why Colan Infotech for Polymer Development?

Polymer development services has become one of the notable work under the extension of open source JavaScript template library. Polymer web components are utilized by our experts to develop web applications within limited time period. Since Colan Infotech is an empowered Polymer JS development company in India we leverage solution through excellent platform like polymer JS for our clients to see steady scale up in their business.

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Polymer Programming Services

At Colan Infotech, developers always come up with new ideas that are perfectly functional towards the recent innovations. The web applications delivered through our Polymer JS development services are responsive across various low-level APIs like HTML, Shadow DOM, custom elements(Iron, Paper, Gold, Neon, Platinum, Molecules, Google web components) etc.

Following are the main features of Polymer framework:

  • Support HTML imports
  • Declarative reuse of custom element
  • Flexibility with web components and relevant design patterns, Google’s Material Design
  • Modular routing
  • Support Polyfill code to use in polymer web development scripted browsers
  • Enable local storage with app storage elements.
  • Progressive Enhancement like cache using service workers
  • Built-in tools to support application service
  • Ease of use with different application build and dependency management systems (Polymer CLI, Grunt/Gulp, Bower, Yarn, NPM)
  • Flexible with different software testing (unit tests, functional tests, automated browser testing, regression testing)

Polymer comes with definitive web components Application Programming Interface to provide perfect custom tags that includes CSS, HTML and JavaScript along with library containing pre-configured solutions. Developers can easily choose selective element needed for the project development.

Notable advantages one can get by utilizing Polymer JS are as follows:

  • Uniformity across variable modules
  • Works well with its relative JavaScript frameworks
  • Time efficient in application development
  • Pre tested modules
  • Mobile ready material interface
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Hire Polymer Developer

Polymer developers at Colan Infotech bring out their best effort in solving the hectic challenging project. Following proper systematic approach in understanding client’s requirement and deriving right solution to offer the beneficial development service is the key point of our success.

Looking for an excellent team to ensure the success of your project then you are in the right place. Contact us today to hire polymer developers from an enriched polymer development company like Colan Infotech for long term success of your business.

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