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Colan Infotech Pvt Ltd is pleased to help clients in Microsoft SQL Database, Dynamics and .NET. We provide Full Complete Remote DBA Service, Business Intelligence & Consulting Services, Application Development and to address unique business processes. Our offshore development and delivery model reduces cost and help speed up completing the work. Our Remote DBA Services are ready to facilitate corporate companies as well as on-site SQL DBA as remote assistance for every database service and proactive support for preventive action of Space Management, Security Management, Troubleshooting, User Errors, Disaster Recovery, Deployment of New Application, Upgrade and Migration, Performance Tuning, Network Troubleshooting, Installation and Creating Databases etc.

Full Remote DBA Service:

Our experts deliver a powerful and transformative experience when it comes to database administration be it in Oracle or MS SQL and provide unmatched and comprehensive support for all your database management and administration needs.

Under this service arrangement, we give you the leading edge over competition by ensuring that your mission-critical systems work with synergic efficiency to deliver peak performance. We bridge all gaps in the database and deliver service improvements in Security, Performance Tuning, Disaster Recovery, Availability, Functionality and Improvement.


  • Reducing overall costs by leveraging Remote DBA expert support
  • Offering flexible , allows our clients to take advantage of support packages
  • Pay only for the services offered.
  • Best practices and dedicated upgrade specialists ensure SQL Server upgrade projects complete on-time and within the budget
  • 24 X 7 SQL Server Operation Centre ensures continuous availability
  • Monitoring architecture tailored for SQL Server
  • High quality service is guaranteed by fully customizable SLA’s
  • Dedicated experts to help clients and maximize their SQL Server investment
  • Adhering to CMM and ITIL Compliant Process and Procedure Library

For a reasonable monthly fee, you get full access to our highly skilled resources and collaborative teams, thereby adding to your cost-effectiveness, whilst giving you the capability to capitalize and expand on emerging opportunities.

The challenges of the present and the threats of the future present no anxiety as we give you the nimbleness, adaptability and agility too achieve success all the way.

Our Full DBA Service gives you access to the unmatched expertise and high skill levels of our proficient DBA team for a low monthly fee. This service allows the customer to achieve a high-level of support in an extremely cost-effective manner, without any compromise on quality or integrity.

Benefits of Full DBA Service:

‘Zero’ Database Worries

As a customer-centric organization of certified technocrats, we ensure absolute and unmatched database reliability at all times 24 × 7 × 365. This gives you the freedom to focus on development and contemplate on your future course.

No Expensive Turnovers, Overtime Calculations or Training Costs

Develop a lean, yet highly efficient, organization by focusing on your key areas of expertise and recruiting talent to expand your footprint. Avoid all hassles related to database management by linking to us and overcome uncertainties posed by the expensive turnover of in-house manpower and other DBA experts.

Quick Resolution and Response

By engaging with us, you are assured of complete transparency and rigorous accountability in all we do. We the depth of our core expertise to provide quick, yet permanent, solutions to issues.

Improved Database Availability and Performance

Multiply your business value and magnify your efficiency and performance with our strategic planning, effective implementation and continuous administration and monitoring.

Supplement Remote DBA Service:

At Colan Infotech Pvt Ltd, we also give you the flexibility to selectively utilize our expertise. We can closely collaborate with your in-house teams in key areas as agreed in the service-level agreements and deliver pertinent and measurable value to your endeavors. The flexibility of this model gives the customer the absolute freedom to choose the set of services as well as the databases supported.

Every agreement is individually tailored to suit your specific present and future needs in clear terms and unambiguous language. This serves as a boon to companies who require immediate expertise in their ranks as they seek to harness emergent opportunities, train their in-house DBAs or simply suffer from a heavy workload.

Improving the Quality of Your SQL Server Environments:

  • 24 X 7 Off-shore SQL Server Operations staffed by Colan Infotech Pvt Ltd database technicians
  • Advanced monitoring architecture tailored for SQL Server environments
  • Subject Matter Experts dedicate time to learn key database disciplines
  • Robust support infrastructure utilizes advanced communication and connectivity mechanisms to guarantee uninterrupted support operations

Our supplemental services help you preserve and extract maximum value from existing investments whilst freeing up critical resources for deployment in high-priority initiatives. No more worries of vacations, backup plans, weekend coverage, turnovers, training or any of the myriad matrices of challenges that seek to confront. Run a business hassle free!

Business Intelligence & Consulting:

Our business intelligence solutions help you identify and seize any opportunities and allow you to use customer data to meet and exceed customer expectations on every front.

Our business intelligence software is completely customized to suit your exclusive needs, and packs a punch in performance. For example, some of our business intelligence solutions can be configured to send automated alerts (across a variety of platforms and devices) to appropriate decision-makers to notify them the key incidents that may require attention, say the stock of a certain product dropping below pre-defined levels.

Our solutions add precision to your activities and reduce the chances of human error creeping in. This is especially true in jobs that are highly monotonous like stock taking, collation, analysis, report preparation and the like.

This in turn saves time and human resources previously spent in collating and correcting data errors and manually compiling spreadsheet-based reports. In the areas of retail, we have worked to deliver superior supply chain visibility, wherein Organizations can achieve deep end-to-end insight into their supply chain, allowing them to effectively manage procurement, sales, stock, transport, warehousing and retail processes on a single platform.

In the data-intensive environment of today, many generalizations often masquerade as misleading facts, thereby adversely affecting the quality of business decisions. We help make sense of the information overload as we effectively separate the wealth of knowledge from the chaff of misconceptions and misrepresentations.

This gives you the dynamic edge in exceeding customer expectations, with faster decision making and rapid engagement. Our dynamic software and solutions are highly pliable and can be specifically tooled for use in a variety of scenarios right from sending automatic alerts to helping decide on the margin of discounts

Reduce resources and labour costs used for the collation, analysis and distribution of vital business data, eliminate time and resources an overcome the idea of working in archaic spreadsheets, delve deeper into your supply chain at the comfort of your armchair and effectively manage all operations end-to-end, with our exclusive solutions.

Our customers again have the freedom of choice in choosing the specific SLA they need and tweaking it for their individual needs based on their own requirements, anticipated needs and budget. We are here to give wings to your vision!

Suggested Efficient Solution to your business:

The evaluation of any system must be based on four principles of consideration that touch both the measurable and tangible benefits, as well as the intangible and implied perks. The following questions are suggested for evaluating any of your systems.

  • What are the expected measurable benefits? Can it be quantified completely?
  • What are the intangible benefits? How measurable are they and how much is their impact on the overall picture?
  • What is the total cost of ownership (TCO), including hardware, software, personnel, consulting services, and future on-going costs at any given time?
  • How is this cost affected, and what are the variables to consider? How is the system architecture designed and is it integrated or non-integrated?

Operational efficiency in Lowering Cost:

We provide for internal or external Customer’s access to real-time data over the web, customers can track their own accounts and answer their own questions. As a result, customer satisfaction is improved while reducing support costs. A significant, added benefit to real-time data access is that data becomes much cleaner. By reviewing the data themselves, customers can spot errors, and help improve the quality of the information in the data warehouse.

Thus, new windows are opened in transparent operations, customer satisfaction is improved and useful information is obtained to make critical decisions, all helping to drive down costs whilst optimizing the function of existing systems.

BI Application Development:

Our BI application development gives you the ability to report, view and interpret data in a variety of formats including via web-based or spreadsheet-based applications. This flexibility gives the opportunity to comprehend vast information based on individual perceptions and simplifies the decision-making process.

Smart ‘n’ Simple:

Our simple and smart systems are high in user-friendliness and have clean layouts and intuitive interfaces. They can either be web-based or spreadsheet-based. Our systems require minimal training for use and access.

Superior and Secure:

Our systems are high in performance and 100 % reliable in all aspects. They help you exceed industry standards and deliver measurable value and excellent return on investment.

Flexible and Affordable:

Cost-effectively achieve decisive forecasting capabilities and create a fluid and open organization that thrives on challenges. Extend your reach and influence by analyzing any kind of feedback and grow from strength to strength as you convert passing chances to actionable insight.

Service Level Agreement

Strong and Transparent Service Level Agreements with Remote DBA Support:

Our strong and transparent service level agreements ensure that we and our customers are on the same grid as far as service provision and reception are concerned. Every minute detail of the service is documented in lucid, yet clear terms, thereby leaving no doubts or assumptions regarding the quality or quantity of remote DBA support.

Service Level Agreement:

A part of any service contract, which defines the level of service which will be provided to the customer, is known as service level agreement. It is also abbreviated as SLA. In the IT sector, the term SLA is used to refer to the promised performance or the high availability or delivery time of the service. A genuine SLA is absolutely necessary for any company that seeks higher database availability. A strong and genuine SLA ensures that an organization has the highest stability, reliability and performance of databases whilst there is minimal or no downtime.

Colan Infotech Pvt Ltd offers various levels of SLA. The diversity of levels is presented to give vast options to our customers so that they feel free to choose and customize their choice, based on their own requirements, needs and budget. Our customer-based SLA includes all the services that will be used by an individual customer group. It is a customizable agreement that is individually tailored to suit the unique and special needs and requirements of our individual customers.

Service Level Management:

Service level management or SLM is the monitoring mechanism that is in place to ensure that the levels of promised service are maintained and delivered and to ensure that timely, reliable and precise support is provided to customers. Service Level Management is one of the cornerstones of IT services and ensures that the agreed remote services are delivered with key features like IT security, change management, incident management etc. Service level management also includes the monitoring and management of the quality of service (QoS) of an entity’s key performance indicators (KPIs).It involves comparing the actual performance and scalability within pre-defined requirements, shaping appropriate strategies and initiating pro-active actions, and producing meaningful reports.

Colan Infotech Pvt Ltd provides exceptional remote DBA support, which has been acknowledged by the customers across all tiers. These acknowledgements are a testament to our culture of excellence and our sound reputation.

Benefits of SLA & SLM:

  • Well-crafted SLAs are transparent in approach, yet engrossing in detail. They leave little room for ambiguities, gaps and uncertainties.
  • It is a bond of trust that binds together two companies as they seek to grow higher by symbiotically supporting each other.
  • Clearly defines the business scope, metrics and parameters, thereby guaranteeing timely delivery, high availability and absolute transparency.
  • Gives absolute value for money and peace of mind to the customer.

Application Development:

Our application development and management service teams combine the power of knowledge with the rigour of experience to deliver awe-inspiring solutions. We design, test, deploy and customize IT applications that drive business transformation and enable organizations to achieve rapid cost and operational efficiencies.

Enterprise Integration Practice:

We provide a Structured Information Processing and Delivery Framework in creating strategic clarity as you seek to drive innovation and growth. Our comprehensive suite of Enterprise Integration Services Delivers End-to-End solutions that address the four critical elements of business operations: Business, People, Process and IT. Our efforts have helped Leading Global Organizations break down information silos and barriers across the enterprise and power ahead in the face of constant uncertainty.

Our solutions are based on perfect planning and disciplined execution, thereby helping you strike the right balance between business and IT needs. We also provide solution Web based Applications for all your needs.

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