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Hashgraph Development Services

Hashgraph is a distributed ledger technology way ahead of blockchain is incorporated with consensus algorithm. The challenging mastermind cryptographic technique using virtual voting algorithm with gossip to gossip protocol (randomly selected node to node communication) makes hashgraph to provide fast and efficient transmissions. Unlike blockchain, it does not require heavy Proof of Work(PoW).

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Why Hashgraph ?

Hashgraph development aims to overcome the limitation in blockchain with gossip protocol that shares new information that other nodes don’t know and where it originated. Four features make hashgraph applications development services to be an infallible platform.

  • Uniqueness –Virtual voting with gossip to gossip algorithm discard the need for PoW.
  • Fairness –Prevent node from serial queue transmission using cryptographic timestamp.
  • Performance –Able to handle 280000 transmits within second.
  • Security – Hashgraph technology is the only DLT to provide Asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerance immune to DDoS attacks.
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Colan Infotech Hashgraph services:

Developing a concept into a successful project Isn’t an easy thing for a business without the help of contemporary developers like us. Hedera Hashgraph is one such platform to allow easy creation of applications that allows robust application program interface into an accessible option for developers. Our extension of services include:

  • Cryptocurrency with native micropayments -Build a secure portal for the small amount Hashgard ICO digital value transaction.
  • Distributed gaming -Prevent crash due to player overload in MIMO games without central server.
  • Digital marketing and auctions -Create secure online marketing business transaction platform.
  • Improved collaborative applications – Build and leverage distributed applications to have the feeling of highly confident security and capacity of the applications.
  • Smart contracts – Customize business rules for virtual machines.
  • Microstorage on distributed ledger -Store records all transactions in system under the core of distributed ledger technology.
  • Online secure payments -Hashgraph secure transaction for online payment.
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Swirlds SDK:

Swirlds provides a platform for fully distributed applications to build secure apps for the cloud storage without centralized servers. The Software Development Kit (SDK) released by Swirlds contains source code, installation documents, and run and write new apps using eclipse in Swirlds browser.
Notable features to choose Swirlds SDK:

  • Built trusted peer to peer decentralized server network.
  • Help developers to create fast, secure and trusted applications.
  • Guarantee fairness in auctions, markets and real time virtual online games.
  • Developers can have tech reports of Hedera Hashgraph algorithm and math proofs.
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Why colan infotech?

Colan Infotech has well trained energetic team to work on cryptography technology. Our developers are skilled enough to equip themselves in recent technologies and able to create an indigenious hashgraphic algorithm to secure digital assert. Our team is proud to be the building block for many successful DLT projects.

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Hire Us:

Hashgraph will be the ruler of the cryptography world. With so many devices incorporated with trendy technology are in need of mind challenging crypto key to breaking its security, this Hedera Hashgraph will be the welcoming modulation in the system. It’s the right opportunity to speed up your business with our professional team. Call us today to take your business into the scintillating cryptographic world.

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