Will These Technologies Rule The World In 2019?

4 min read | By Admin | 30 January 2018 | Technology

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As we already stepped into a new year, it’s time to amplify your competencies that eventually amplifies customer experience and services. To achieve this you should probably concentrate on IT enhancement and operations as foremost priority. Based on an old saying “Experience is the right teacher” every IT services company should keep inventing fresh arena to excel themselves. This can be achieved once you get into services or industry that you haven’t previously into. With this thought let us see the major techs that you should concentrate for your business success.

Cloud still exist:

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An old tech which is in practice for more than a decade considered to be stopped growing. But the fact is, it’s still been implemented in numerous ways. Though the power of cloud is grossly underestimated, veterans like Gartner, Wikibon predicted that enterprise cloud spend will see 16 to 18 times hike in next decade. This prediction is possible if and only if organization enters into a sophisticated infrastructure that supports agile customer centric business. And with SaaS the world’s big shot will spend on cloud platform like never before.

Private Ledger Technologies:

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Blockchain, a game changer already implemented by larger financial institutions has a definite importance in enterprises. Since this incredible technology make way for internal financial transactions and audit it fits in organizations of all sizes. Handling risks within this tech is the biggest challenge which has been overcome recent times by many enterprises. With the implementation of private ledger technology time and cost will be reduced to the extreme. The advantages of having private blockchaiin within a community includes, Less cost Increased speed 100% efficiency Soon your company take part into the race of private blockchain the earlier will be success with increased profit.

IoT is Now BIoT:

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We are living in a world that let us reach peers in just a click. This made possible with help of high end mobile devices and range of technologies in practice. One such tech is Internet Of Things (IoT), with the help of interconnected sensors let us trun on and off living room switches even we are apart. The major risk with this mighty technology is threat against hacking. It’s been a usual behaviour of hackers to steal data of those devices connected in this network. But that happens not anymore, with blockchain interpreted with IoT devices a digital record being created covering thousands of systems worldwide, that highly reduces the risks for hacking.>/p>

More BOTs Emerges:

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It’s time to realize that we are in a world of BOTs domination, everytime you have queries regarding bank operations the very first voice you here is a BOT. This has become a routine now with limited to extended service. No surprise even if these BOTs enters our home and start conquring us in handling tasks. These BOTs not just respond to queries yet able to give valid information like reminding about heavy traffic in our usual route and weather forecasting. This will make you feel like king as it will obviously acts a servant. With these BOTs implemented in all our home appliances let marketers sale more and more products in consumer rich countries. If your IT business can take advantage over this technology, you can see your revenue grows drastically.


This shows that technology never fails to emerge, thing matter is where we stand in utilizing it. Learning new techs opens door of opportunities in this competitive world. Until you do the same old school IT services, just wrap it up and begin the next era in your business lifecycle.

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