What If We Had A Personal Satellite?

4 min read | By Admin | 02 June 2016 | Technology

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Satellites are the backbone for today’s greatest innovations, few among them are very good at saving lives from natural disasters too. Many governments and highly sophisticated corporations are making use of this technology for public as well as private benefits. But as of now no one knows a separate satellite for their personal use. What if this comes into practice?

The world we live in have seen many technology based changes for our own good, in that way with the help of nano satellites individual tasks can be done in no time.

A recent study from National Academy of Science says, it would costs quite huge money to build a very own satellites and once they are available, understanding the science will become better than ever before. While talking about this, a serious question have been raised in the minds of everyone that “Will this make the space out there a densely populated area with machines?”

And the obvious answer is YES! But these personal satellites are not going to be a replica of huge satellites that we have seen from our child hood. These personal satellites are typically named as “Cubesats” as the name suggests they have are shaped in cube.

A 10 inch cube nearly to a size of paper weight won’t occupy much area in space. What if everyone stats having one like this, that will rapidly increase whole lot of garbage out there. Even for avoid such scenario; there is possibilities to combine few cubes into one cube that accomplishes work for many individuals.

Not only the size of these satellite amaze us, also their operation. These satellites have room for sensors, receivers and transmitters to share, read information about earth and outer space too.

For easy access and to retrieve information from them, they will be placed in a distance not too far away from the ground. Say for instance, Cubesats will be revolving from around 200 to 800 miles distance from earth’s atmosphere.

In order to have more knowledge about other planets, NASA is planning to deploy these cubesats in missions like Mars and Moon.

This tremendous growth human kind had all these years shows that we have no limits at all. All these growths and inventions are welcome until they do no harm to us and our future generation. We should never forget the nature that made a beautiful place called “EARTH” for our livelihood.

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