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The world is changing. You will always be faster, more complex and more confusing.Also and especially in the online world is reflected this development and subjective perception. Also in the field of web design change regularly trends, new techniques, programs and apps, as well as modified and increased requirements.

And then there are not a few voices that claim “Webdesign is dead”, or the automation (may also be “Work 4.0”) will also in future, the activity of a web designer superfluous(s).

So how is it exactly to the topic web design?

There is this distinctive development that more and more websites align the navigation is in a top bar, when scrolling often stand, including is a large format-filling picture centered, overlaid by a headline and a call-to-action button. The image is interchangeable, displays time a user when operating a tablets or smartphones or provides impressions of a offices with raised people.

Follow below three columns, each from a large icon should be followed by a continuous text.

Then comes to change a colored bar that has the full screen width extends and so on…trends and developments such as the so-called flat design but also the responsive design have ensured that web sites and the arrangement of the contents is more like a certain proven “pattern”.

But above all there are numerous templates and themes for their share of the blame. For low cost can be with these very quickly create a modern website, optically to date, responsive and with the one or the other effect (e.g. parallax). Not infrequently customers even after just such a website design, as they do for other seen and found to be good,we are all familiar with these pages and have you ever seen a hundred times. Web sites are the same and are more homogeneous. You could call it is also replaceable.

Automated web site design:

Web design templates do not only have the consequence that visually align websites. You can take the web designers have a lot of work. The extensive technical development of various page templates, the integration of a wide range of different effects, the optimization for different browsers and devices – all this is so to speak. All aspects of individual implementation very much resources, time and thus also budget costs.

The templates are always in the last few years become more extensive, offer more and more options – the design and the functionalities on – so that there is hardly a customer request is no longer with them could be met.

And even the “homepage” modules have in recent years made a leap in quality. The hereby generated sites have at least partly a little with the rather unpleasant designs of earlier days to do.

It is interesting here especially the US-Startup the grid. Here there is no web designers need more. The system analyzes with algorithms own the contents of the website and automatically creates a customized, tailor-made to the content site. Colors, Typo, Layout, then no designer or programmer to define and implement more, but are automatically created and especially optimized.

Clearly, the social networks pull readers magically. Of course it is easier if you are traveling in these networks is also directly there the need info about a company, product, or services. But these do not replace the own website, you add much more.

No matter whether a global player or start-ups – the own website is the basis of online marketing. All the others are finally strangers, external platforms. facebook will keep your content and thus can do what it wants. And do you know what facebook intend tomorrow or the day after? Or whether it is the network in this form then still exists at all?

The need for good websites seems to me – at least currently – almost inexhaustible. On the one hand it requires the rapid development that all three, four, five years a major relaunch must/should be. Then there is actually still company, ok it is mainly the smaller, not infrequently crafts or restaurants that have no internet presence. And then there are many companies that have a, but content, visually and technically no longer up to date is to be time to formulate reasonably positive.

Your Web Site is the basis for the online success:

It could look the same but it does not, yes! templates can be to simplify your work. Templates ensure that so damn many sites of the same.

Because when it comes to the question of why these templates are so successful, so often used to the cost factor alone is too short used. These templates are mostly on design “model”, which have proven their worth. This can be a format-filling picture together with headline equal to the core statement of the site transfer. The elevator pitch and the first impression can be quickly and effectively when readers work.

The following three examples show how can be individually Webdesign:

Who is the importance of and the need for a distinctive designs is aware of the budget will also ensure loose. For all the other there are also still attractive web Sites that are just not so individually.

Web design is automated and complex

The examples show that a lot of changes in the field of web design and that the programming of their own websites in the reasons no longer necessarily would be necessary. But it changes constantly yes basically each professional field in the area of online media.

The templates simplify everything, also for web designers. A lot of work that have cost a lot of time, so you do not need to more by hand during every project is completed.The freed up time can be either from the budget connector, which also offer high quality sites are cheaper than a few years ago was possible.Or the time (and therefore the budget) is inserted in other tasks. For the creation of sites may become easier, the “environment”, in which webdesign is moved but has become increasingly complex.

What sounds contradictory, is actually quite easy to comprehend. There are more and more aspects of the web site planning, design and implementation should be want:

Responsive Design, Web standards, accessibility, traffic, conversion, content marketing, branding, SEO, readability, charging time, user experience and many more games together and are only in the unit an effective website.The web page creation has become easier but the environment complex. At the same time, the demand for good web sites still high. Despite – or perhaps because of – the content boom.

This is in spite of the ever again emerging forecasts that our profession is abolished, or by the technical development unnecessarily, the current need for good web designers as large as rare, perhaps as never before.

Especially in the individual implementation are the skills and knowledge of an experienced web designers necessary.The role of the web designer may change slightly less of the technically creative “converter”, more toward a consultative and conceptual work.Some call it away from pure screen/User Interface Designer To UX designers (user experience designers). It is therefore for the web designers not only to the pure design, i.e. how something looks like. Its role is to change how something works. So in addition to the layout of the aspects of the information architecture, the user guidance and interaction.

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