An overview on the subject of Big Data

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By the digitization, masses of data are micro-information that once only as an image in the head, later in language, writing, books and as a file on tablets or computers exist. We realize it is: technical progress has always ensured that less knowledge is lost. The digitalization allows it now, nothing more to be forgotten. The more communication digital, more data will be transferred and saved. At least temporarily.

The system, the communication itself, is archived and provides for its own survival. If digital communication or sensor data and process data in the correct reading is that they are all of interest. 300 Billion Twitter messages are sent until today. Every second, 5000.

With Big Data you wins the knowledge from the masses of data

The data is always bigger mountain, quite automatically. In the search for benefit and advantage is stored as much as possible. Data octopus is called the company to be the interests of the people do not take into account. Inventor is called the, use the data to make the world a better place. More efficient, resource-conserving or faster.

The larger the size of the mountain, the more difficult it will be to connections, patterns and statements is derived. It is clear: the greater the mountain, the richer the data, the greater the benefit that you can abrade. Big Data makes mountains of data into oversized useable.

No matter whether the data is only loosely related to fast-changing continue to grow or gaps are – Big data is the digital solution for the digital problem from the digital data collection findings to win.

Intelligent systems built on cloud computers allow it in the data stream. Data from numerous sources, but especially from science, Internet and communication

as a data source is any movement to understand: whether radio waves, electrical pulses or light. The sensors and keyboards in the world digitize, financial data, measurement results from the fields of science, the Internet of Things and private surveillance systems.

The mass data creation is therefore not catch. Especially in the areas of science and internet communication data generated exceeds the ground each storage possibility. 99 percent of all the LHC particle accelerator generated measurements must be discarded. The question of the selection and ad hoc evaluation is vital.

Data mining

Data mining is called the search for knowledge in the data mountain. The essence of the data fruits are samples, models, statement. Clever technicians, programmers, statisticians and people, after heavy-duty statements and the search results suggest, you need a good technical infrastructure in order to provide useful insights from the information to extract a desolation.

The Harvest and preprocessing is also crucial in the case of wine and coffee. The search of the analysts for the essence of its fruit is not less beautiful. The abstract and technical problems to solve are tough creative tasks.

The Knowledge Discovery in Databases with statistical significance :

Knowledge discovery in data bases (“KKID”) describes this part of the big data world so better: Not data, but knowledge is obtained when data mining. And new knowledge is good if it is statistically significant, is new and useful. Otherwise it was a lot of work for free. But what is statistical significance?

Not everyone must be Analyst, therefore applies here briefly: relationships between A and B must after statistical criteria are not random, but must – as far as one can tell – systematic origin.

This enormously complex problem of the statistics can be however in business practice sometimes avoid. If the analysis results experimentally can check, you can spend a lot of time and scientific effort.

Big data is in the economy arrived, e.g. in the advertising and agriculture

ahead of his time. Or at least better than the competitor. For small advantages, man’s. Accordingly, it is not surprising that big data slowly from the research context in the world of industry and business moves Mit-tel-stan-di-schen.

Big Data changed our world:

Big Data changed our world of manipulation to new fields of business are equally important sentiment analysis, product attractiveness in real time mapping. Or Media that – like Facebook in a study showed – systematically the being of the users are able to manipulate.

Experiments with millions of users are technically possible – and will be launched. For Implementation and evaluation are thanks to the big data infrastructure of the network no problem.

New technology leads to new fields of business. New solutions to old problems are conceivable:

  • Sharing economy on the basis of sensor monitor
  • cloud services for generally available information
  • advertising impact analyzes and
  • market research
  • fraud prevention
  • diagnosis in medicine
  • automatic and accurate accounting for the Energy and Communication Area
  • The world is changed, everywhere.

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