Why business enterprises or corporate prefer Blackberry?

4 min read | By Admin | 02 January 2017 | Technology

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The reason behind why more business enterprises or corporate prefer Blackberry over others is because of its strong encryption capabilities, security, robust and hacking proof. Blackberry OS is best suited for business purpose and consumes less power when compared with other phones.

Blackberry’s OS is programmed by C++ programming language. Graphical User Interface used by the Operating System helps in the interactions between the applications and software installed on the phone. Blackberry Operating System provides for multitasking. Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) is the most common enterprise set-up. All blackberry applications can be activated on Blackberry Enterprise Server without any wireless enterprise connection. Using “Blackberry Secure” end to end security can be provided at the lower cost.

Our team at Colan Infotech has enormous experience and they have knowledge on Blackberry enterprise servers, run-time API’s, widgets and they keep track of all the updates going on in the Blackberry OS and incorporate them in the successful Blackberry application deployment to keep up the market trends . Our team members have knowledge even on the latest Blackberry operating system 10.3.2.

We will build custom applications that fit the needs of enterprises and consumers. We having the most skilled Blackberry team at Colan Infotech, discuss our new strategies with our customers, consider their needs, encourage new ideas and bring them the fruitful results and that is the reason we have satisfied customers.

Irrespective of the kind of application, ecommerce applications, complex business applications, simple information applications, social networking, messaging, navigation and map applications, our expert team of Blackberry developers will deliver the project on time. We are the core mobile application development company so we definitely know how to go about and handle the complexities. We try to provide you an optimized solution regardless of your requirement, small or big, in the best cost effective way. We will be in regular touch through the life cycle of your project.

We have worked with multiple clients/Industries across various platforms to develop Blackberry mobile applications. We develop custom applications for Blackberry Bold, Blackberry Curve, Blackberry Storm, and Blackberry Pearl depending on client’s requirements.

We offer Blackberry application development services globally. We develop the application for multiple devices like smart phones, tablets etc. We have mobile application development experience on Blackberry, iOS, Android and Windows. We have a skilled development team who are experienced from the range of 4 to 8+ years. When developing the Blackberry application it’s not only about your needs or our knowledge but it’s also about business development. We put in our best efforts to bring life into your application. We are totally focused on getting the best return on your investment. We use various advanced technology tools in the development process which will help in making the quality, feature rich and functional applications.

Even if you are not a technical person, our experts will help you in conceptualizing so that you can make any changes to your requirements to meet your business goals. We will also guide you throughout the process development. We have flexible, multiple modes of payment options. We will keep you updates regularly on the development process so that you know what is happening at every step. Before the application goes into the market place, your application will undergo a testing phase to check for the bugs and make it bugs free if any defaults are existing. We also give you some maintenance plans for few months after the initial deployment into the app store.

Our Blackberry team of experts is glad to help in bringing success to your business. For more details please do contact us.

Latest Trends in Blackberry

  • It is trading smart phones for smart cars.
  • It is focusing more on autonomous vehicle technology and advanced driver assistance.
  • It is focusing on how its software interacts with cameras, explosion sensors and other components that help a car to drive it.
  • Blackberry along with Samsung is building a ‘spyproof’ tablet for German government.

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