Artificial Intelligence Development in 2019

4 min read | By Admin | 30 July 2018 | Technology

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Over the past decades, role of computer has been increasing as personal or official device. Today most of the work is done with the help of computer. Such computer has seen a lot of evolution in its appearance as well as improved version of technology. Artificial Intelligence in computer science is the recent innovative technology charting impulse response from every field. Latest technology in artificial intelligence show tremendous growth in every field.

Machine Learning

These days’ computers are incredibly intelligent and machine learning is one such sub origin of artificial intelligence. Machine learning is the ability of a computer to update itself from natural observation and prediction from the data. With Application Programming Interface (API) machine learning platform are gaining more scope every day.

Deep Learning

Deep Learning otherwise known to be deep neural network is the subclass of machine learning. Deep learning is designed with artificial neural networks as a model of human brain neural system thereby processing data and makes decision on the topic. Deep Learning is successfully streamlined to recognize patterns and classify application upon compatible range.

Image and Emotion Recognition

Despite AI involvement in every field, its effect in digital and image processing has set different faces of evolution in successful path. AI can search for the person with its observed image features among wide range data collected. Artificial Intelligence allows software to read the emotions from the facial features and voice tone of the human. We are one step ahead in capturing micro expressions. The artificial intelligence development company has started to show their interest in improving the software. Emotion AI is used in gaming, healthcare, robotics, emotion analytics etc.

Marketing Automation

Artificial Intelligence has benefited Marketing sector so much and there is a ravishing scope of AI within this industry. Nearly 55% of the marketers believe AI will have great impact in their sector. Marketing automation software maintains customer records, campaign management and increase revenue faster.

Peer to Peer Networks

Peer to peer networks are considered when two systems connect without any data networks. Recently, Cryptocurrency uses peer to peer network system to solve the challenging issues by collecting and analyzing the people data involved in transaction.


Artificial Intelligence has reached its fame despite so many backdrops. The incredible features that artificial intelligence brought to this world are more useful to the economy and more technologies are expected to be occupied for the benefit of the world.

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