This is Why You Must Upgrade to iOS 13

4 min read | By Admin | 04 October 2019 | Technology

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With the world moving fast, it becomes necessary for entrepreneurs to keep updating their product in line with the latest technology. Today, consumers are ready to invest in a compact and highly configured branded devices without any second thought.

Technology giant Apple gained its reputation through good quality products, advanced technology inclusion, updated applications and customized features. The company wants to simply put perfectly etched products into sales.

What’s New in iPhone iOS 13?

Everything is new with Apple’s latest update iPhone iOS13. More privacy and improved security- these are highlighted features in iOS 13.

Below are the listed features of iOS 13, much awaited to be seen in the iPhone?

You might have noticed that whenever an application is opened in iPhone, it might ask for Bluetooth permission. Say for example, Fitbit Smart watch, these applications uses beacons to track people in cities and shopping areas.

Changes in Location Setting

Important and yet noted point is the changes made in location setting which may put popular firms like Google and Facebook behind.

You might not have given a second thought on how many times your application records your current location taking place in background. Most of our answer is Yes!

The latest update iOS 13 can provide you information on how often your location via pop-up notification showing map which allow or limit option.

Another point to add- iOS 13 doesn’t allow applications like WhatsApp and Facebook from messaging or calling apps in the background when inactive.

What’s New in iPadOS?

Previously, the iPad had shared the same operating system with iPhone and iPod. But in recent years, the iPad has evolved as touch screen similar to touchscreen laptop excluding iPad mini.

All latest and compatible iPad are equipped with smart keyboards and Apple pencil- one of the company’s smart stylus. It’s no surprise that it needs its own operating system.

Here are the updated features in iPadOS,

Device Compatibility

A First release for iPadOS working in accordance with iOS can be seen in version 13.1. The new update has its own layout for start which can hold more icons. The left side of the screen holds widgets adding new look to the screen.

Dark mode, improved photo apps, new text entry, sign in Google and voice of the Siri sound natural are the add-on flavors to updated OS.


Intelligent Text Selection, Multi-select and Cursor Navigation make text select option so easy for iPad users. Moreover, the update provides new keyboard shortcuts when one uses smart keyboard. For onscreen keyboard users it becomes much more multifacet- you can move your keyword anywhere or split it into two.

Swipey text, technically quick path is now available in iPad too along with different types of fonts available in App store.


One feature that could distinguish the iPad from a laptop is the slide over concept. iPadOS allows multiple window on screen at the same time so a single app can be run in split view while working on another documents or email.

Now, the iPad can be connected to Mac with the upcoming MacOS Catalina using the feature Sidecar.

Apple Pencil and File Management

Updated software has made Apple Pencil less latent and source virtual link on screen as natural like ever before. More versatile and extra tools create new tool palette. Just swipe from the bottom corner and your Apple Pencil comes into action.

Tablets and PC’s differ in some cases and the iPadOS addresses this with external drives, nested folders and local storage. New iPadOS features keyboard shortcuts for external keyboard, preview panel and much more.

Still many more features like improved augmented reality, mail features, better text formatting, updated maps and simple steps to work with Wi-Fi networks.

Final Note

Newly updated iOS 13 and iPadOS are far more promising than the preceded version. iPadOS is out with some fascinating features that is pretty well to use and simply customizable.

If you’re obsessed with iPhone and an entrepreneur who wish to create an application for your business, just contact us or fill up our enquiry form so we can support you at any time. Have a nice day!

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