Android 7 Nougat

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Android 6.0 is not took off on all the top models, Google as of now brings its most recent working framework, Android N, in conclusive form available. However, only Nexus users can use the new Android 7, wherein other producers the update can most likely hold up somewhat more in coming.

New Features of Android N:

  • Android 7.0 final version for Nexus devices via OTA update
  • Split-screen mode for Apps
  • Recently-opened view for tabs-Delete
  • New (human) emojis to Unicode 9
  • Improved power saving mode Doze
  • App shortcuts on the home screen
  • New notification modes
  • Rendering engine volcano in action

The upgrades of Android N:

Evolution, not revolution: Every year amended Google its most recent working framework, takes out Schnitzer and extends the surface with new functions. Keeping in mind numerous clients are as yet sitting tight for Android Marshmallow, Google as of now demonstrates the following overhaul: Android N, which is authoritatively called Android nougat. In the sneak peak from Google demonstrated new components, for example, the multi-window mode or the updated notice bar – a redesign is advantageous.


Android 7.0 nougat with split screen mode:

Probably the most practical new feature in Android 7.0 N is the long-awaited split-screen mode , with the can as the Apple iOS 9 two applications one next to the other run.

The format of the screen can be effectively changed amid the applications will be scaled naturally utilizing a slider. This permits various applications open all the while on the screen and utilize.


Nougat update closes all tabs at once:

Additionally new is the picture-in-picture capacity, yet that exclusive takes a shot at Android TV gadgets. Moreover, please refer to Android 7.0 Nougat own “Last-open perspective” . Here, at last, would all be able to tabs at once terminated are. Folders that contain a few applications, get another look. The initial four applications are shown in a roundabout window, be that as it may, are not totally obvious.


New emoji for Android 7.0 Nougat:

With the new Google OS additionally takes after the presentation of new Android emoji. DC 72 Emoticons in the new Unicode standard 9 accompany the new form of Android. Rather the first “Blob Smileys”, is like Google iOS on altruistic appearances and emoji in several skin tones.


Power saving mode and app shortcuts:

What’s more, the power saving mode has been Google Doze enhanced – likewise current now is spared when the showcase is off. “Rest on the Go” likewise helps the move to spare battery. The gadget for naturally changes to economy mode when you put your telephone in the pocket.

Besides, there are additionally new application easy routes on the home screen. By and by this implies an application on Android 7.0 N can have numerous connections and can begin the application for every situation at an alternate area. Be that as it may, the new component is pointed fundamentally at app developers.


However, Who has an entry-level phone, had bad luck in the rule. Roll out updates on cheap smartphones would be too high financial costs for many manufacturers.

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