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4 min read | By Admin | 19 May 2016 | Technology

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Google Penalty is the real night mare for every web masters who are striving to bring their webpage to the top results in Google’s search engine results page.

As we say the term penalty only thing that strikes our mind is the different types of penalties released by Google so far. Though they are real one, they are not the only one that will affect your websites ranking. Many spammy websites fall prey to the manual algorithm for their unethical SEO process.

These unethical SEO process includes providing poor quality content in webpage, buying links through link farms, sometimes indulging in link exchange with these sorts of sites will also lead to penalty. So it is advised to play the game wisely, anyways to know how to recover from this penalty will help you a lot.

The different types of penalties that affect your website are,

  • Manual Penalty
  • Algorithm Penalty

Manual Penalty:

Many think that Google reviews websites based only on their robots, where robots or crawlers are the spiders that gathers information to their database. In this course Google would surely penalize your website if you have build your back links in a very bad manner.

The same pattern applies even to manual actions, such as de indexing the pages in a website and reducing the position in search results. But here the website owner will be intimated through the open source tool offered by Google called Webmasters.

In that under the search traffic sections, the notification regarding the manual penalty will be shown in manual actions section. Moreover an e-mail notification will also be sent to the site owner.

Algorithm Update:

This type of update are very hard to identify, as in manual penalty no message will be sent to webmaster accounts. For this kind of penalty, it is advised to keep track of website’s traffic.

These algorithm updates will be rolled out on regular or timely basis. It highly concentrates on websites that highly violates the Google webmaster guidelines. To be away from hitting by these penalty it is wise to build links in a ethical manner.It is commonly known that building links is the only way to rank higher in search results, but below are some of easy way for Google to identify spammy websites,

  • Cloaking
  • Doorway pages
  • Hidden text
  • Excessive low quality back links
  • Paid links
  • Link exchange from poor quality sites

While at the time of competitor analysis, it is better to ensure whether the site which points to your competitor’s is on high quality and of your niche.

If you are building links from the sites that are apart from your domain, then no doubt that Google will penalize you in future. Sometimes your competitors might also be a reason for this to happen, building excessive low quality links exclusively for your site.

On the whole to be on safer side just try to build links by following the webmaster guidelines and make use of tracking tools like opensite explorer, seo profiler and lot other SEO tools available.

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