Apache Pig Services

Apache Pig is an open source technology platform for evaluating the high-level datasets involving sophisticated representation.

Considered as one of the high-level programming languages, Apache Pig is used along with Hadoop to simplify the complex java code writing.

A notable property of Apache Pig is that they support parallelization.

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Why you need Apache Pig Framework?

Programmers who are not quite comfortable with Java coding would jostle in working with Hadoop especially with MapReduce tasks. Apache Pig is a big relief for such developers.

  • Apache Pig makes mapping easy without the need for java coding

  • Reduces the coding length with its multi-query approach

  • Familiar with SQL

  • Inbuilt operators to support data operations like filters, joins, ordering etc.

  • Provide nested data types like bags, tuples, and maps

  • Allows users to focus on logic and highly optimized.

  • Flexible enough for users to create their own functions

  • Requires limited time for development

Prime Apache Pig Development Company

Apache Pig Development Services

We provide quick research on large datasets and better management by querying the storage data through our wide range of Apache Pig development services.

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  • E-commerce development with Apache Pig

  • Pig theme Development

  • Apache Pig solution integration and upgrade

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  • Pig-based enterprise solutions

  • Apache Pig plug-in development

  • Apache Pig solutions customization

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Hire Apache Pig Developer

Being the pioneer in the technology field, we exactly bring out the best Apache Pig solution for business. Hire our dedicated Hadoop Pig developers today.

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