Hashgraph Development Services

Hashgraph Development Services

Era of technology is immersed everywhere and it’s converting the globe as a tech-world. To step into that pace everything that happens online should be rapid, secure and instant. Hashgraph, a distributed ledger technology, a contemporary alternative to Blockchain, accompanies businesses that strive for success.

Colan Infotech is a leading Hedera Hashgraph development company. We offer comprehensive services for the development of decentralized applications on the Hedera Hashgraph platform. Empower your business with efficiency, security and scalability.

Fertile Hedera Hashgraph Development Services

  • Cryptocurrency with native micropayments

    We build a secure portal Hashgard ICO digital value transaction and leverage distributed applications.

  • Hedera Gossip Protocol

    We work on gossip protocol, a process of online trading based on the network disperse information.

  • Hedera Virtual Voting

    We follow a virtual voting system which is a process to develop decentralized applications.

  • Microstorage on distributed ledger

    We build a record of all transactions in the system under the core of distributed ledger technology.

  • Hedera Cryptocurrency

    We create hedera powdered cryptocurrency to make it eminent on speed and efficiency as compared to other platforms.

  • Hedera Throughput

    Hashgraph guarantees rapid transactions in less time than Blokchain. We build and handle it efficiently on development services.

Colan Infotech render hashgraph development services that are robust and secured with complete assurance of delivering proficiency

Why Hashgraph?

Hashgraph development aims to overcome the limitation in blockchain with gossip protocol that shares new information that other nodes don’t know and where it originated.

Uniqueness –Virtual voting with gossip to gossip algorithms discard the need for PoW.

Fairness –Prevent nodes from serial queue transmission using cryptographic timestamp.

Performance –Able to handle 280000 transmits within a second.

Security – Hashgraph technology is the only DLT to provide Asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerance immune to DDoS attacks.

Hashgraph Development with Swirlds SDK

Swirlds provides a platform for fully distributed applications to build secure apps for cloud storage without centralized servers.

  • • Built a trusted peer to peer decentralized server network.
  • • Fast, secure and trusted applications.
  • • Guarantee fairness in real time deployments
  • • JSON

Why Colan Infotech for Hashgraph Development?

Colan Infotech has a well trained energetic team to work on sandbox technology. Our developers are skilled enough to equip themselves in changing technologies and able to create an indigenious set of protocols to secure digital assert. Our team is proud to be the building block for many successful DLT projects.

Need a Hashgraph Development Team?

It’s the right opportunity to speed up your business with hashgraph development services. Call us today to take your business into the scintillating decentralized world.