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Mobile BI

Mobile BI Services and Support:

One of the biggest trends in Business Intelligence (BI) software is to offer access to applications through mobile devices, There is no doubt that mobile BI applications are rapidly evolving, Our mobile BI solutions will deliver information to virtually any user on location and graphical reports on Finance, KPI’s ,Business Metrics, Sales ,Marketing and Dashboard on any device.

These applications provide businesses the ability to shorten the time from question to action. Recent studies have found that managers who utilized mobile BI solutions were able to make decisions three times faster than those without them.

Users now have the ability to design their own dashboards to create an experience that is most beneficial to them for their specific job function. Users can mix up all the information that they need in the dashboard screens, and the new graphical feature creates a compelling visual display that makes understanding data much easier.

Making presentations look pretty on a large screen is challenging enough. This colorful app transforms data into interactive charts and graphs and instantly sends them to your mobile device.


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