Some useful and Trending Android apps and their Reviews for the year 2016

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These apps from different categories should you have on your smartphone. Are there some still rather unknown apps with trend potential as well as proven and popular continuous burner. A year full of exciting developments ends and the next is no less fascinating. Not only the big players have this year made a name for itself. This article is of reviews of some good android apps which are all trending 2106 which shows where android application development is booming up.

Snow Ball Notifications

The Android-App ” Snow Ball Notifications ” ensures that the notification bar of the Android device only messages displays to the user are important.

Conclusion with the information overload in the notification bar makes the Android-App “Snow Ball Notifications”. If the app is installed, the user when new notifications the different types of messages to assign different priorities Messages with high priority the app shows all the way up to and including less important from the point of view of the user verzichtbare hides the app.

A wiping is sufficient

Wipes the user a received notification to the right, it disappears immediately and permanently. Wipes he left, he can then specify your new priority or decide which messages of this type generally disappear. Accidentally hidden messages can be also be made visible again and if necessary with a new priority.

Conclusion to the test of the Android-App “snow ball notifications”

Apple Music

The Android-App ” Apple Music ” provides access to the streaming service from Apple. Can take full advantage of Android users the service but probably only in the course of the year.

Since the 30. June 2015 is the music streaming service “Apple music online, since the first half of November is also the associated Android-App – available as beta, as Apple’s developer stress. Many of the features of Apple Music are now usable already: The user can virtually with his favorite musicians connect to music experts handpicked playlists play, from the “Radio””, or its own playlist after desire and mood. Music videos functioning for the time being – such as some others.

Peri scope

With the Android-App ” peri scope” can twitter users live video stream to your followers and live videos of other Twitter users search, you watch and comment.

The service “belonging to Twitter Peri Scope”, the accessible via the same android-app allows each user to a live reporting via video stream through the social network Twitter. Users who are not a spectacular sight, you can use the App but also to other “Periscopern” look and their videos. A dynamically updated, scalable world map shows where to see just live streams or where (maximum 24 hours old) recordings are available.

U-car for the pocket

Now have public media like Spiegel Online and recognize the potential, the peri scope offers and use the App occasionally for live coverage or a view in the editor.

But the app can use virtually any tip: With just a few movements is a live stream started. Those who only wants to make accessible to individuals, a stream is also mark as private.

Manual Camera

The Android-App ” Manual Camera ” provides the user with full manual control of parameters such as exposure time, sensitivity to light or the focus.

The Android-App “Manual Camera” is significantly different from most other camera apps. Where in the case of the latter the automatic functions of the photographers every decision to remove, leaves the manual camera him the election, as he wants to focus which white balance he considers appropriate or how long or short he wants to expose. A precondition for this is a clean implemented camera2 API of Android lollipop.

Conclusion to the test of the Android-App “Manual Camera” the manual camera leaves the photographer creative control and accomplishes is additionally a speed miracle.

CM Security Antivirus Applock

The Android-App “CM Security Antivirus Applock” examines mobile devices on concrete attack by malicious software, but also on the problematic security settings and possible unterwanderung of privacy – for example through entries in the browser history – and eliminate these risks.

The user can access to apps with an unlock pattern or a pin to secure this curious contemporaries do not wish to do. On request the app makes even a photo of persons that are all too stubborn to create on the device. Conclusion to the test of the “CM Android-App Security Antivirus Applock” safety has long is not a major issue for smartphones. Now accumulate attacks. With this app you can on the other hand.


The “unclouded Android-App ” helps users of cloud services Google Drive, Dropbox, box and Mega, an overview of your data stored online to keep..

Access to the cloud hard disks from four cloud providers via a uniform interface enables the “Android-App unclouded”. After the user the app with the cloud services and the file name once synchronized, he can comfortably in the content of his online browse hard drives. The app lists the saved files either folder for the folder, file type, or after a specified time period. You can also detect duplicates.

Conclusion to the test of the “Android-App unclouded”who many data on hard drives has outsourced cloud, takes place in this app the optimal tool, to keep the overview.

Boomerang by Instagram

Android-App ” with the Boomerang by Instagram ” the user can mini videos from a series of ten photos, then in rapid sequence play backward and forward.

Who is the “Android-App Boomerang by Instagram” wants to use does not necessarily a instagram account: the app is immediately after the installation is ready for use. The user can thus create either a short selfie-video or something else to target that moves.

The app is to pressure on the resolver in rapid sequence ten images that you then to a mini video bundles. The user can then the parts, for example on the instagram, but also by what sapp or other services.

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