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The five most exciting E-Commerce Trending

Start in 2017 is done – Time to E-Commerce Topics for the coming twelve months to devote themselves. Some of them are not new, it is from the previous years. Others could be real trendsetters.

  • Mobile
  • Chat bots instead FAQ
  • Less paid media
  • More personalization
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Conclusion


Mobile remains the most important point in E-Commerce. Why? There is still 72% of all SMES in the country without a mobile page. Search engines penalize them with a lower ranking and mobile visitors usually turn immediately. According to Seybold study 2016 only 28 % OF SMES web pages a mobile version. This remains mobile ready of the big trend in E-Commerce – also in 2017. And probably also in 2018.

2.Chat Bots instead FAQ

Chat bots will continue their triumphal march 2017. These are small programs that suggest a chat partner – in truth, it is not communicating with a man. For example mid-2016 there were already 30,000 on Facebook chat bots.

There are often the same questions, the (potential) customers, Chatbots unload at this point and take simple inquiries – support teams unavailability makes really important issues. Many companies have FAQ – must be taken into account but only rarely. The result: support teams are always with the same issues. Bots can now also edit orders and payments.

This is especially important for platforms such as Facebook an evolutionary step since the entire process is now in the Messenger and the customer is not diverted to an external page.

That Bots still long no all-embracing assistance system – but still it is the theme in the future more and more to accompany, offer bots but immense possibilities in almost all areas of service.

In the further development will have an important role to Crowdsourcing: On the one hand can chat bots or the underlying algorithm, trained, and on the other, issues of crowd workers to be edited. The latter is done in a seamless and for the consumer imperceptibly.

3. Less Paid media

were there over the last few years, especially the big social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest on the existing customers were addressed, they are more and more to pure paid channels, i.e. only those for the dissemination of the contents figures, generate more clicks to any significant degree.

2017 is, therefore more on the already existing data set. The value of the own data to recognize, interpret and use effectively is one of the challenges. Conditions are well structured and full data sets a technical infrastructure (CRM) and of course a strategy: What customer base we speak when, where and with what measures (newsletter, Social Media, what SAPP)?

4.This trend is also greater personalization we already know.

It is no longer enough to just an online advertisement to switching; potential customers need more channels to advertised and held.

An increasing logistical challenge for all sides in the so strong as never on aid programs. In addition to chat bots are therefore social media clients such as Hootsuite, Reader as feedly and team management tools such as trello is still high in the course.

5. Ai and Machine Learning

The artificial intelligence and Machine Learning from year to year are relevant, was predictable. Slowly begin the technology but also for small and medium-sized enterprises to be affordable – more and more tech startups reasons are in this area. It is no longer the exclusive topic of multi-national companies with a large budget.

Application options and detailed scenarios are there gathered together. For E-commerce is, among other things, the website optimization particularly exciting: length of a field of the try & error, is the evolutionary algorithm is an exciting development. Simply put the algorithm with feeds you basic ideas, photos, layouts etc. – self-tests he then various configurations and selects the most promising. This is live, with the involvement of the actual user behavior.

Another example is the picture Shopping. It is for example a pocket, white but neither manufacturers nor designation. Photographed by App is the A.I. Pocket, name and manufacturer that provides various links to shops. Quasi-an advanced and intelligent Reverse picture search with shop links.

Similar to the chatbot configuration here is also crowdsourcing is of great help.

6. Conclusion

Some trends are not new – mobile optimized web pages for example will accompany us for years. The concentration on existing data is an exciting trend, there is still significant savings. The trends make it clear that in many respects still clearly air upwards.

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