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4 min read | By Admin | 21 January 2019 | Marketing

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When it comes to Digital Marketing, the focus is always towards the future. As 2021 approached, the question that pops up in every digital marketer’s mind is “What does this 2021 hold for digital marketing?”

Of course this year Digital Marketing adds new trends and strategies to further tune up the sector with the help of high tech ideas that could work out well throughout this year and build a better platform for 2021.

What will be the scope of Digital Marketing in 2021?

Experts confirm social media marketing is one of the biggest aspects to watch out in 2021. Story sharing, location-targeted videos, micro-moments, live video are most likely shared and are surfing over the internet through social networks.

A survey shows that in 2021 nearly 80% of marketers will prefer video to occupy the major part in carrying out the content to a targeted audience. With the increasing trend of video ads, marketers should consider adding it in their social media strategies.

Chatbots are often bespoken as its market value tends to reach greater heights and are getting even smarter with its unique features. By the end of 2021, it is expected Chatbots to organize certain tasks in customer service space.

Trends that add value to Digital Marketing

A trend is a common word that can bring great change to human personal and professional life. As per the working principle, Digital marketing is a process to promote services, products, and business through the internet. Below are the certain trends that can work out really well in 2021.

  • Voice Search
  • Chatbots assistance
  • Blockchain
  • Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning
  • Augmented Reality drove visual search
  • Influencer Marketing

Digital Marketing Categories

Digital Marketing is broadly classified into three major categories,

  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay-per-Click(PPC)

Further, under each category 3 advanced tips are discussed below.

Content Marketing 2021

How to create the best SEO Content in 2021?

In 2021, content is all you do need to concentrate to cover audience. If you wish to improve content marketing there are certain criteria to follow to earn right audience to your destiny.

Here are certain tips to be considered before writing valuable content.

  • Analyze the right people with targeted keyword
  • Make sure your content has a good readability score
  • Explain the concept with a deep analysis
  • Include video/images/gif/meme/infographics
  • Improve page speed
  • Format content required for a featured snippet

Are you ready to add spice to your content?

According to 2018 survey nearly 56% of marketers who handled original research on content achieved more than their expectation.

Pick Right KPI

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is the most important factor considered preferably profitability in every digital marketing campaign. There are multi-channel and strategies to deal with every digital marketing campaign of which many of them deals with content. Content may be the major tool to play in digital marketing but the method to measure content is just not an easy job.

Different businesses follow a different method of writing content and hence KPI also differs. Hence here is the instruction to choose the exact KPI suitable for your campaign and list of different types of organizations to whom the performance indicator is important.

Business to Consumer (B2C) Organization– Here the KPI directly indicates the profitable sale of the company. Though the second KPI doesn’t show the direct impact the metric denote the profit of the business.

Image Source

Business to Business (B2B) Organization – B2B function like partnership even though they do not sell/buy products or services. Here the KPI metric doesn’t concentrate on sales or revenue instead dealt with lead generation.

Image Source

Marketing service KPI – These business people utilize content as a tool from social media or blog post or white papers that could contribute more to their sale. These strategies can scrutinize the conversion from an early stage of marketing funnel when a product is introduced to a new audience in an effort to create brand awareness.

Image Source

Publisher Agency KPI – Important KPI for the publisher organization is the group of indicators that could scan the traffic and count on the unique visitors.

Image Source

Simplify Complex content

How do you make your digital content so simple and keep hold of readers for a longer time? The methodology is simple to list out and is hardly simple to implement. It is a pretty good art of writing tactics to make readers read through the complete article without boring.

There are certain elements that could support content without which the audience could easily click away.

  • Website Layout Appearance
  • Use of Visual Media ( Video/Infographics/simple images)
  • On-page Content Optimization
  • Guidance for creating the perfect formal on- content are listed below
  • Avoid complex words
  • Let your content be energetic
  • Always prefer to write in active voice. This can reduce content complexity to great extent
  • Include simple images, video content and infographics
  • Provide reference to respected professional authors

SEO 2021

Free Audit Tools for SEO

There are many free audit tools available for SEO and these tools can provide complementary result relevant to paid tools. The SEO audit tools are well worth for increasing the website performance in many ways.

Thorough check through below listed free tools would make sense and add keen effect to on page and off page optimization.

Free Website Crawler

Xenu Link Sleuth is the top priority website crawler tool otherwise known by broken link checker can provide output including the outline of SEO title, redirect pages and page that are not found. Xenu also checks for internal and external broken links.

Mobile SEO Tools

Mobile SEO is extremely a powerful audit tool to understand how your website appears in Google search engine result page (SERP) in various countries. Mobile Moxie SERPs and Mobile web page Checkers are the two free tools that could test the mobile ranking plus optimize the page across different mobile platforms.

Website Performance Tools

Gzip Compression Checker – enables the server to download the page at high speed.

Duplicate Content Checker – Siteliner Duplicate content checker can surf through the thin pages and alert with possible problems.

Web Page Checker – W3C validator checks for standardized HTML content.

Web page Speed optimization tool – GTmetrix speed and performance audit tool can create various benchmark scores.

Website Security Audit Tool

Security becomes an optional part in SEO unless the website is hacked and the page ranking dropped all of a sudden. Ultra Tools Blacklist Checker, WordPress vulnerability scanner, HTTPs validator tools, and Drupal Security Scanner can be installed as an indicator whenever a negative impact occurs in the website.

Google Site Audit Tools

Google Search Console is worth indicating it here under this topic. Page Speed Insights, Structured Data Testing Tool, Lighthouse are some other tools that can also help in auditing and optimizing the web pages.

Factors to be monitored at Regular Intervals

Last Year Google proposed various protocols on which the site is being ranked. Below listed 5 SEO factors can improve the search queries in 2021.

  • Include Podcast
  • Avoid structured data mistake
  • Structured data familiarity
  • Focus more on content
  • Optimize SEO image

How email Marketing support SEO?

Email marketing and SEO are great combinations to drive more traffic to your webpage. In fact, email can create a huge impact on SEO strategies.

  • Adapt to newsletter content as it can promote blog or post
  • Generate epic content
  • Include personalized content in your mail
  • Include subscribers for reviews through email

Here are the ways by which email marketing is helpful to SEO

  • Bring valuable traffic to the website
  • Increase onsite engagement
  • Convert high performing email into new page content
  • Handle targeted content strategy
  • More social engagement shares

A short on Edge SEO

Edge SEO is nothing but the edge computing technologies to develop new SEO application, research, and testing other than the parameters we use today. Edge computing acts as the bridge to reduce the gap between the user and the origin of the data to reduce bandwidth and latency. By including Edge SEO one can reduce the complex development queues, Obstacles in website platforms and tech stacks.

PPC 2021

What are the PPC trends?

Like Google includes certain features to the SEO site tools, PPC also underwent the massive change such as Adwords to Google Ads since its change in new campaign types, targeting options, enhancement, features, and tools.

Clearly, 2021 include various new trends that can affect PPC marketing to great extent,

  • Target audience and not keywords
  • Diversify PPC spend with advertising alternatives
  • Manage your account
  • Purely automation with human intelligence
  • Advertising attributes
  • Cross channel advertising experience
  • Video ads and Remarketing
  • Brand building
  • Ad types, Extensions, and Features

Choose Right Keyword

Keyword research doesn’t mean to choose the high volume search result keyword, building links and ranking the page, it’s the basic foundation of good SEO friendly content and website. We use Google keyword planner to choose the right keyword and create a page around the world. This worked well for 2019.

Ahrefs studied 3 million search queries and concluded #1 website ranked for more than 1000 relevant keywords. This finding shows there is no limitation in using the number of keywords for a webpage.

Now the question is “How to bring more traffic to the website with a relevant keyword?”

Targeting long tail keywords can adversely bring more traffic and rank to your website.

Long tail keyword falls into two categories:

  • How much traffic a website can bring with the keywords?
  • Does it contribute to high ranking?

One of the easiest ways to find long tail keywords is to make competitor analysis.

What are the best practices to be followed?

Another new year is just started and it’s the perfect time to investigate PPC best practices to improve the performance of a marketing campaign and implement new ideas for new opportunities.

Here are the best PPC practices to follow in 2021.

  • Evaluate new features in Google Ads
  • Include new advertising platforms
  • Customize mobile ads
  • Integrate the audience based on the search result
  • Test new features
  • Prepare for voice search
  • Make a proper budget plan for 2021


Life always goes by old sayings and an opportunity comes once in a lifetime. The saying “Time is Gold” always suits well for Digital Marketing.

With the advanced digital marketing ideas once can easily aim his goal towards the bright future and handle every obstacle that can happen in the mid-way. Implement the advanced version of digital marketing into your campaign and scale up your business to a new height.

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