6 Digital Transformation Technologies Ready to Create Breakthrough in 2020

4 min read | By Admin | 10 January 2019 | Marketing

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We all come across the term “digital transformation” at the beginning of every year. Many are familiar with the term and few did not. To be precise “Digital Transformation is the way of adopting new technology to stay competitive in times of new innovation”.

Known to be the fact, digital transformation is not only the shift in technology but also the organizational change to a wider angle in technology, resources and operations. Enterprises adopting the evolving strategies will determine its scope towards success in the year 2020.

What Digital Transformation means for business?

Implementing Digital Transformation in enterprises would embrace the core of the corporate discipline to thrive in the digitally interconnected world.

Nearly 80% of companies ready to head start their business to digital transformation to attain the benefit as listed below:

  • Engaged motivational workforce
  • Better customer experience
  • Increase in business ROI
  • Improve in marketing development cycle
  • Revised resource management

Without any delay, let us look through the digital transformation technologies that are ready to create breakthrough in 2020.

Ethical 5G internet Connectivity

“5G technology is expected to seek significant growth” is the headline you often get to see in all technology related blogs. But the year 2020 is going to be the launch and testing period on how well 5G internets meet the customer demands. We have been speaking on this topic for so long and we are finally in the spot where we cherish the benefit of the internet.

Companies like Qualcomm, Sony, and Samsung are in serious testing & deployment work to induce more innovative services in 5G mobiles. Raising demand for wide network coverage and high-speed internet service will drive market growth and less power consumption on high data rate transfer can create a major positive impact among the likely audience.

Explore the potential of Blockchain

In 2020, Blockchain is expected to be renewed for the delight of the organization so as to bring all enterprise application to active use with security. Predictions show young and smart minded entrepreneurs will introduce Blockchain as a way to enhance collaboration. Companies like IBM proposed epic attention on the potential of Blockchain to take its application far beyond cryptocurrency.

The blockchain is quite recognized by the financial sector that could take transaction under transparency across a wide range of business functionalities. By this Year, Blockchain will light up business with its unique touch point in organization growth.

Internet of Things- From Best to Smart

Unlike the previous years which are listed as separate technologies AI, IoT, Edge, and Machine learning are considered as one in 2020. These technologies are deeply interconnected to bring massive growth to economic development. IoT keeps growing with the number of interconnected devices to occupy in lesser space there is less possibility for data processing to happen in the cloud. More expectation and in combination with edge computing can lead the digital transformation trends in this year.

Gartner forecasts nearly 20.4 billion interconnected devices will be in use worldwide by 2020 and also predicts there will be the raising demand for IoT manufacturers and supply chain that increase the security of the appliances come out of the market. 2020 will be the remarkable year for IoT security enhancement.

Infusion of Machine Learning with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) related innovations continue to give scientific breakthroughs in the past year. The vast amount of data AI collected from the resources are likely helpful in the workplace and for updating the related applications. In 2020, Artificial Intelligence will be the bespoken technology in every industry enabling the great business platform and smart business operations.

Advanced artificial intelligence technology in combination with machine learning and AI robotics are the rapid development scope area in the year. This bifocal functionality will help to reach a better result and greater accuracy to new level height.

Address the power of Bots

Chatbots are gaining more popularity from the mid of the year 2018. Introduction of Natural Language Processing and prediction analytics tend to take service industry to the level we have ever dreamt before. 40% of major business industries have planned to introduce Chatbot in their customer processing service that could drastically reduce the need for human assistance in simple enquiries.

But this doesn’t mean there is a loss in human employment instead AI Chatbots can bring upskilling the workforce than completely discharging the human presence at delivering the appropriate answers than dealing with sympathy and unnecessary conversation with better customer experience.

AR vs VR vs MR

Advancement in Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality has created a major scope for the advanced development of the digital world. Augmented reality had seen a wonderful acceptance among people worldwide. As far as AR reached its fame VR is still working on it. In 2020, Virtual Reality is going to have an innovative enterprise application to collaborate across different geographical people.

In 2020, AR is set to increase exponentially as of VR will be to take big footstep.


There is one thing for sure to happen in 2020 is that digital transformation will continue to shower its change on the business, industry and in every human lifestyle. While it is not an open book for all of us to see the development road taken by these technologies right from the beginning phase, its potential to change the economy will bring great impact through the devices we handle today. At the end, they will scale up the modern world to the next point.

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