5 Tools for Ecommerce Marketers During COVID-19 Pandemic

4 min read | By Admin | 25 July 2020 | Marketing

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Marketing isn’t just about extravagant inventive or enormous budgets, it is tied in with accomplishing something that makes a customer undertake an activity that satisfies the goals of your business. But these things are switching now, While COVID-19 has indubitably created numerous challenges for marketer, especially (Ecommerce Marketers).

The pandemic has shut down the world, it’s been several months since the coronavirus started turning our lives upside down and the only way to lessen is lockdown and isolation.

Herein is glad tidings: Tools for ecommerce marketers during COVID-19 can aid them to stay afloat during the coronavirus lockdown.

Try this out top 5 tools to enhance and amplify your marketing through SEO, live chat and social media. And there are beneath.

  • Hootsuite
  • SpyFu
  • Aimtell
  • Freshchat
  • A Call to Shop Small


  • Hootsuite will be the administrative assistant to manage your social media brand accounts.
  • By utilizing social media management tools (Hootsuite) can minimize your arduous work.
  • You can complete all of social media tasks up to 10 social accounts via this tool. And this tool will assist ecommerce marketers during pandemic.


tools for ecommerce marketers during COVID-19
  • SpyFu is an SEO and PPC insights from the industry’s leading search engine marketing tool and it’s also considered as the best tools for ecommerce marketers.
  • This keyword research tool reveals how organic and paid search have ranked for rivals before, so you realize which phrases are target to value.
  • Begin utilizing SpyFu by entering a domain address to see the site’s keyword and you can likewise make a list of sites that need SpyFu to track automatically.


tools for ecommerce marketers during COVID-19
  • Push notifications are a ground-breaking approach to make those customized connections. Based on store visitors and actions, you need to send them messages about approaches to enhance your shopping experience.
  • Hence to create those messages for your site through Aimtell, the web push notification software and it allows you to set customized push notifications based on the shopper’s behavior.
  • It helps you to track your push campaigns, and Aimtell automatically provides details regarding your notifications and conversion rates. Based on this data, you can assess which notifications are resounding with customers to manage the formation of your next campaign.


  • An AI-driven chat platform, Freshchat allows you to attain customers over numerous messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Messenger and even more.
  • Freshchat is created for all kinds of users and this will be effective tools for ecommerce marketers during COVID-19.
  • Utilize Freshchat to set chatbots that automatically gather essential data from customers who are online, when you’re most certainly not. At that point your team has to follow up their.

A Call to Shop Small

tools for ecommerce marketers during COVID-19
  • Ecommerce marketers are seeing less online traffic than normal and they are lowering their online shops due to the financial strains during pandemic.
  • A Call to Shop Small- You can find more than 2,300 e-commerce stores in the searchable online directory.
  • If you think your shop will be a good fit on- A Call to Shop Small, then submit your business and gain traffic.

Key points to Focus on ECommerce Marketing

  • Invest in Digital Ads
  • Attention on SEO
  • Double your efforts on Blog Content
  • Improve Email Marketing Efforts
  • Audit Advertising Copy

Upgrade your Marketing with these Tools

As business declines that doesn’t mean your marketing should stop. These will be distinctive tools for ecommerce marketers during COVID-19. Hence use these above tools and strengthen your lead generation and build your marketing as superior. Did you need illustrious digital marketing to carry your business? Just contact us. We will make your business as foremost.

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