4 major industries open for Blockchain to step in

4 major industries open for Blockchain to step in

4 major industries open for Blockchain to step in

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blockchain technology companies

We are in the middle of the information technology bubble and this time it’s the blockchain technology companies booming period. Just as the internet changed every aspect of the business world, many think Blockchain will be the next generation of technology.

As organizations compete with a wide range of similar entities, it will be crucial for them to implement ideas equivalent to those blockchain technology companies. Built with secure and decentralized protocols, blockchain has the potential to make rapid progress in various sectors. Here are the blockchain technology companies that has already set foot and started making relevant changes in the sector.

Financial Sector

On the financial side, there are discussions conducted all across the board regarding the values of cryptocurrency in the future market.

Though the experts' opinion leans bearish on cryptocurrency, the financial world isn’t waiting for the declaration. The future market is already overloaded with created Bitcoin signaling the long-term future scope for the cryptocurrency.

Moreover, the year 2017 had raised more money through Initial Coin Offering (ICO)than other financial investments. This became the gossip topic among investors and became a turning point for them to invest in cryptocurrency.

Cloud Computing

Before the introduction of cloud computing, we all remember about the files we carry and hard disk to transfer from one computer to the other. Cloud storage makes it simple by creating an online storage space for the users. Blockchain-based platform finds a massive opportunity in computing power and creates market space for providers and users.

The concept is that users can rent idle computing power from providers and providers turn power into revenue. This process is based on decentralized supply and demand instead of fixed prices.

Online Gaming

The world of fantasy has seen massive growth in the past few decades. These successful pioneers are the early hybrids of cryptocurrencies in blockchain technology.

Some successful blockchain technology companies create virtual lineups of the players and provide tokens for the best performers. Developers design virtual games for smartphones with in-app purchase as the monetization space to make use of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Decentralized Governance

One of the notable features in Blockchain is decentralized protocol. Although the idea of building decentralized organizations is exciting in words, bringing the decentralized entity in real time is a different story.

Natural hierarchy continues to exist when a person or group voice overrides others voice. A new blockchain framework is emerging to help decentralized applications to develop and build new themes effectively.


While explaining the potential of blockchain technology to change the world, the article covers only the top surface of the iceberg. As more developers, investors, and entrepreneurs bring their ideas and concepts to life, we can predict the complete scale of blockchain potential.

Disrupting your industry with regular blockchain practices is quite challenging. Colan Infotech Pvt Ltd deploy latest tactics in building promising blockchain atmosphere. Reach us to know how we can enhance your ROI.

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